Record Your Voice And PC Sound Easily With Moo0 Voice Recorder

Do you want to record your voice while singing that great tune? It is no more a difficult task. Now you can record your voice as well as any sound from your computer easily with Moo0 Voice Recorder. Now you can create notes, record songs and much more with this free program.

Moo0 Voice Recorder

Moo0 Voice Recorder is a very simple sound recorder. It is very easy to use, and you can start recording either “Only Voice” / “Voice and PC Sound” / “Only PC Sound”. It currently supports Wave and Mp3 encoding formats.

It uses your microphone to record your own voice. Apart from simple recording, the program boasts of a number of handy features, which many of you will enjoy. For instance, you can use Moo0 Voice Recorder to capture the sound that is being currently sent to speakers, which allows you to record the soundtrack of a movie you are watching or a protected WMA that cannot be normally copied. This will help you avoid recording background noises and keep the resulting quality as high as possible.

You can even record online radio with the help of this amazing software. Moo0 Voice Recorder is a perfect audio recorder to record your own voice, music or any other sound by working directly with your sound card. It supports the record input/ source from a microphone, streaming audio from the Internet, etc.

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