Record a Screen cast and share it on Twitter, Email or Other Social networks

Screenjelly is an online tool to record your screen activities and instantly share the screen cast on twitter or via email.It makes it very easy to shoot a short tutorial   video and share it with your friends or simply upload it.


The interface is quite simple to use. If you wish to record an audio with your video just plug in your microphone.Screenjelly will allow you 5 seconds to prepare yourself before the audio recording.After that your entire screen is recorded   up to 3 minutes.

Check this short video shot using screenjelly.Also check out Top free screen recorders to record your screen activities

After your screen cast is complete you can instantly tweet your screen cast on twitter. You can also send your screen casting to anyone via email or share it on other social networking sites like   Delicious,Facebook,Digg,Myspace and Stumbleupon.The only downside is that you cannot embed your screen cast anywhere. So if you want to create a blog post and use a screen cast recording you have to rely on video sharing sites (like Youtube)

If you want to make a private screen cast using screenjelly that no one can view just remember to check the checkbox “Make this recording as private” while performing your capture.You can see   public recordings made by others in the screenjelly homepage.

The advantage of screenjelly over Video uploading sites : The advantage of using screenjelly is that you do not need any software   to be installed in your computer. You can perform a screen cast from any computer you want and on the go.There are popular screen casting software’s available ( like camtasia Studio ) but they require you to upload the screen cast to video sharing sites.But with Screenjelly its instant and   requires less resources.

Screenjelly Bookmarklet

If you take screen casts often then this screenjelly bookmarklet will be useful. It lets you perform a screen cast using screenjelly right from your browser  bookmarks toolbar. To use the Bookmarklet just drag and drop the bookmarklet in your bookmarks toolbar.If you are using internet explorer click the link and select “Add to favorites”

Add Screenjelly in your Website

If you have a website   you can add a Screenjelly button there and encourage visitiors or readers to record a screencast. Just copy the javascript code and add the screenjelly button in your blog’s template.

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