Download Tracks with Last Recorder

Love to hear tracks ? Why not download them to your computer ? Here is a free tool that can help you do that. Last Recorder is a free tool that can download tracks as separately tagged MP3 files. Once you download the program, start it right away. Log into account using your account details. Now you choose the station and start recording by pressing the red recording button. When the recording is completed, you can find recorded tracks named as <Artist>/<Album>/<Title>.mp3 in the selected folder.


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Techie Buzz Verdict :

As I have always been a fan of I keep tuned to it all the time wherever I get a browser and internet connection. Now that I’ve found Last Recorder I don’t need an Internet connection every time i want   to listen to my favorite tracks. The tool is intelligent enough to remove white-spaces, Windows incompatible characters from the names of the recorded tracks as well as it can automatically skip already recorded streams. The tool also offers an easy to use interface. The tool is really something users should try. The cross platform compatibility makes it usable over all popular OS platforms.

Techie-Buzz Rating : 4.5/5 (Excellent)

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