Access Forums As RSS Feeds With Web Forum Reader

Forums like blogs, play a very important part while dispersing information and providing solutions for different problems. Unlike blogs, forums are much more harder to follow unless you visit the site again and again to check for replies and solutions.

Many of you may have memberships with various forums to which you may contribute and gather news and if you are not satisfied with the way your browsing experience has been you can switch over to Web Forum Reader a desktop application which is quite similar to a RSS feed reader and allows you to add forums that you need to track regularly.


Adding forums is quite easy with the use of a wizard using which you can customize the updates you want to receive. If you are a heavy forum user this is definitely a software that will make you life much more easier.

Web Forum Reader works on all version of Windows.

Main Features of Web Forum Reader

  • Convenience: Mark new topics, recently updated topics, and topics that you have already read.
  • Flexibility: Add various types of forums and Internet conferences.
  • Precision: The built-in browser automatically scrolls the page to the position where new posts were added to the topic.
  • Scheduling: The Scheduler feature will always keep you informed about changes in the forums you are interested in. Web Forum Reader will notify you about new and updated topics in forums as soon as they appear.
  • Favorites: Mark your most interesting forum topics as your favorites. Be alerted to new posts in these topics first.
  • Organization: See new and updated topics on all forums at once in one list.
  • Efficiency: Reduce data downloads and save on bandwidth costs.
  • Time savings: Show only new and updated topics while monitoring multiple forums.
  • Ease of use: Join several similar forums into groups. Synchronize grouped forums with a single click.
  • Multitasking: Use tabs to work with several forums simultaneously.

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