Click.To Transforms Everything On Your Computer Into a Hyperlink

The mouse was invented to make navigation easy and perform common tasks as quickly as possible. But that was 1970, when multi-tasking was an unknown phrase.

Computers and computing have come a long way since then. Today, we have dozens of apps, browser tabs, documents, settings and other things to worry about and if your computer is without a mouse it is as good as a block of metal weighing 2.72 Kg.

Another annoying problem I encounter every single day is to copy and paste stuff from one place to another. A cool Facebook status update, Google search for a phrase, retweeting someone’s tweet, copying a link and pasting it in Microsoft Outlook, referencing to the biography of the author whose eBook I am reading the list goes on.

Click, Copy, minimize, maximize, click, paste – eyes and fingers moving like crazy. A single mistake in the sequence and you find yourself starting the loop all over again.

If you’re anything like me and need a simple way to copy and paste stuff from one application to another, try It’s a sweet little utility for Windows which lets you copy text and files from one application and paste it on any other application. Text, photos, videos, uploads anything!

Did you copied an article on Wikipedia and want to add it to the word document you are currently editing? Do you want to bulk upload photos to your Facebook account from desktop? Do you want to copy a phrase and tweet it?

Select the text or files, hit Control C and will give you one click options to send the copied text and files to any application on your system. This is useful because you don’t have to open the target app, copy the text from the source app and paste it again on the target app. will handle all the three hassles in just one mouse click


From the program preferences, you can choose which application icons are shown on the default dialog box, that pops up whenever you hit Control + C. With, everything on your computer transforms into a hyperlink. It’s sort of hopping over from one app top another and pasting stuff on the fly. When you are editing huge segments of code and need a quick way to copy and paste codes from one file to another, will be a lifesaver!

Watch the following video to understand how works

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