Quickly Activate Screensavers in Windows With Tray Blank

Many times you may have colleagues or visitors come by your workstation, in such cases you may not want them to see what’s running on your PC. The most common way of hiding windows is using the shortcut key Windows + D to display the desktop, but that action may not be quick enough or still expose the applications that you are running on your PC.

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The best way to hide all running app would be to either lock it or run a screensaver. By default screensavers are only activated when your PC is idle for a certain time, but with the help of a nifty utility you can activate the screensaver quickly.

Tray Blank is a little tool that adds an icon to your system tray so that you can use it to start your screen saver by double-clicking on it. Right-clicking pops up a menu with the options to start the screen saver, turn off the monitor, display the "About" window and exit the program.

Download TrayBlank.

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