Putty/WinSCP Connection Manager and Launcher: AutoPuTTY

PuTTy is a must-have tool, for users who want to remotely connect to Linux servers from Windows. There are several useful add-ons that make Putty much easier to use and manage.

PuTTy connection manager helps you to manage several connections and create portable databases for your connections, and PuTTy Tray helps you to minimize PuTTy windows to the tray.


AutoPuTTy is another small that will allow you to manage your PuTTy sessions and automatically login to them. In addition to that, it also manages sessions for Remote Desktop, VNC and WinSCP (SFTP and SCP sessions).

This is definitely a must have, if you want to manage several servers and use multiple tools like PuTTy and WinSCP.

Download AutoPuTTy

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