PuTTY Tray – Can PuTTY Get Any Snazzier?

Anyone who has had some experience working with Linux would have heard, if not used PuTTY. For those unaware, PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows & Unix platforms and it comes with an xterm emulator. It is tiny little utility loved by Linux geeks.

Working a lot with Linux servers at work as well as with my blog host, I use PuTTY day in and day out and I have always wondered why it hasn’t changed much over the years.

ptray1 To my delight, I just came across PuTTY Tray. It is a huge improvement to the current PuTTY and here are the things about it that are geeking me out.

  • Minimize to system tray (Ctrl+minimize) – lets you minimize any number of PuTTY sessions to system tray.
  • Reconnect on connection failureptray
  • A colorful tray icon that blinks when a bell is received
  • Portable – You can choose to store session config files in a USB drive
  • Reconnects when computer is waking up from stand-by
  • URL hyperlinking
  • Load session from file using command line
  • Choose to ‘Always stay on top’ – very useful while you want to work but monitor a server

Now, if only PuTTY gets a tabbed interface, I would be the happiest Linux user ever. Currently, I use WinTabber to get all my PuTTY sessions in one window in tabs. I would love to hear and learn from you if you use a better alternative.

If you use PuTTY, what else would you like to see as features in the future?

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  • I was a big time putty user and later started searching for a tabbed terminal and finally landed on Poderosa – a worth alternative to Putty :)

  • Keith Dsouza

    I like putty too and cannot live without it, I have used poderosa too. But I specially like the wintabber solution K talked about :-).

  • Venu, thanks for the suggestion. I have tried Poderosa before but it never stuck with me and I don’t know why! :-) May be I should give it a try again!

    Keith, the good thing about WinTabber is that you can add any application to this tabbed interface.

  • There is a port of putty that can handle tabbed windows:
    Putty Connection Manager – http://puttycm.free.fr/

  • A very nice improvement over PuTTY indeed. I use the "save to sessions" option with pleasure. Combined with SyncBack and DropBox. I'm now able to have my PuTTY sessions anywhere, and on any of my connected hosts.

  • putty works well with win/lin. i use it all the time. i will check this out.

  • Neil from Beachwood

    Have a look at KiTTY, an alternate version of PuTTY that adds some cool tricks such as storing your passwords.