Put More Songs In Your MP3 Player By Modifying The Bitrate

Your MP3 player only has so much space and you would not want to go buy a new only because you want a few more songs to fit into it. You don’t need to. You can do that by modifying the bitrate of your Mp3 files using MP3 Quality Modifier.

MP3 Quality modifier reduces the size of your MP3 file dramatically by decreasing the bitrate. Modifying the bitrate of a file has a very low impact on the quality of the song but a high impact on the size of it. All your ID3 tags like Artist name and Album e.t.c. will remain intact.

Here are some of the main features that the software offers:

  • Change the MP3 bitrate with just a few clicks.
  • Converted selected files or the whole folder.
  • Unlike other similar softwares, retain your ID3 tags.
  • Advanced options like detailed bitrate setting and sample frequency.
  • Option to compare created files with the original ones.
  • An easy to use and portable application.

It is a specially useful tool for tracks that you only have to listen to once and for which the audio quality doesn’t matter at all. For example, audio books and lectures.

Download MP3 Quality Modifier here

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