Protect Your PHP Oriented Sites From Spammers And Email Harvesters

Bad Behaviour is an excellent protection tool for your PHP oriented websites. It shields your website from the intrusive activities of spammers and email harvesters that hack your personal data. Further, they shield your website from being spammed with junk and scraps. Also, this tool identifies various website cracking tools and dissuade their invasions.

This application basically works by first validating all sorts of requests placed at your website. If the request is detected as a potent spam bot, then, it blocks your website from responding to the request. And, instead sends across error code message. It is a great tool to help you reduce the server time and CPU time. Further, it keeps a check on the database activities taking place in website. It controls the bandwidth utilized on processing robots which are a source of attracting junk and spams to your site.

Bad Behavior is an amazing tool for the security of your website. It is completely different from other anti-spam tools available on internet. This tool specifically targets the method and the path via which the spam gets delivered to your website. This is an efficient method, as it saves your system from umpteen malicious activities from taking place. Thus, it offers you reliable security measures not only against spam but also other harmful activities like virus attacks, invasion by malicious software etc.

This is a standalone software and does not require the installation of any other application. It uses an inbuilt connector to connect with other web based applications like wordpress, Joomla, phpBB, mediawiki etc. Further, it has provisions to protect the static pages in HTML format hosted by some specific web servers.

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