Process Freezer Helps You To Suspend Any Process Temporarily

Sometimes when we are running many programs at a time, the computer becomes slow. This is because of a few processes that consume a lot of memory and resources.

Process Freezer is a light-weight tool that helps you to suspend and resume resource consuming processes whenever you want instead of terminating the process.

It has a very simple interface which is easy to understand. This tool is very helpful when you are running too many processes. You can suspend one process while working on another using this tool and hence maintain the speed of the computer.

For example, when you are using Firefox, you would be noticing that it consumes a lot of memory. If you want to use another program along with Firefox, Process Freezer comes in handy. Using this tool, you can just freeze one program while you are working on the other and resume it back again.


Techie-Buzz Verdict

Process Freezer is a great tool for people using slow computers. Users can suspend and release processes whenever they want to. In addition, it is a very light-weight tool. It consumes less than 1 MB of your computer space.

On the other hand, it could have improved it’s interface to be a little more attractive. It could have given more details about the processes running. However, this is a very useful tool.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Average)

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