PrinterAnywhere – Remote Printing Can’t Get Easier

Do you ever have the need to print at home while you are at work? How about printing at a printer around the world right from the comfort of your desk?

PrinterAnywhere is a software that makes this possible. You now print to any printer in a network or even at a printer attached to a computer miles away as long as it has PrinterAnywhere installed too. It is transparent to you in printing to any printer just like the one you use in your local network.


PrinterAnywhere quick facts

  • Print documents, photos on others printers as easily as a local printer
  • No network configuration, settings or access rights knowledge required
  • PrinterAnywhere just detects any printer attached to your computer
  • Print to a remote printer directly from applications such as Word, Adobe Reader, Photo Editor, etc.
  • Encryption is used to securely transport your printing material over the network
  • Control the number of copies you want to print
  • Use it in place of fax to scan and print at a remote printer (no dedicated fax line) and the document quality is preserved as it is transmitted digitally unlike fax
  • You can also share your printer for your friends or relatives to print to
  • You can control if you want to access all print jobs or review each and every print request coming in.
  • Did I tell you it’s FREE?

I see this as a great option when you want to print something at home computer from work. How about a copy of your 401K statement you received in work email for your files at home? Or you can print that urgent image you need at an alternative printer without having to physically transfer the large file or take it with you.

Download PrinterAnywhere

The possibilities are endless and I would love to hear how you foresee using this service.

[via] Confessions of a Freeware Junkie

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