Print Only What You Want to Save Ink and Printer Costs

Printing webpages usually end up using lot of printer ink, and if you are aware of the costs of printer cartridges you might definitely want to print smartly not only to save the environment but also to save huge costs for purchasing cartridges.

Out here at Techie Buzz we offer a environment friendly option for printing articles, however not every website out there does that, so how do you get over it and print only what you want?


Printee for Internet Explorer is a IE add-in that will allow you to remove unwanted things from a webpage and print only the things you want.


Once you install the add-in you will see a additional button in the toolbar, clicking on it will show you several options, like removing images, removing backgrounds, deleting sections and more.

The best thing about printee is that it allows you to make these modifications on the webpage itself. We recommend users to download and use this add-in to save printing costs.

Printee is only available for right now, if you are looking for solutions for browsers like , or you might want to take a look at previously covered service Print What You Like which also has a handy .

Download Printee

One thought on “Print Only What You Want to Save Ink and Printer Costs”

  1. Wow! this looks like an amazing application. I really need such an application as printing webpages can be such a problem with so many unwanted things getting printed and wasting your precious ink. Do they have such app for firefox browser too?

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