Power Plan Assistant: Intelligent Power Management Tool For Windows 7

Power Plan Assistant is a power plan management utility for Windows 7. Windows 7 includes fairly detailed power management options and offers three power plans out of the box. Power Plan Assistant makes use of the power management features present in Windows 7 and adds additional functionalities which make management easier.


The best feature of Power Plan Assistant is its ability to automatically change power plans based on the current power supply. It can use High Performance when your system is plugged-in, switch to Balanced when your system is running on battery and change to Power Saver mode when battery level falls below 40%.


Power Plan Assistant also offers a few other handy features like the ability to instantly power off the display or change between any power plans (including all custom power plans). Power Plan Assistant is a nifty utility with a nice range of features. It is classified as a donationware. The free builds of Power Plan Assistant expires every week. In order to keep using it you will either have to donate or download a new weekly build.

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