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postbox-express-iconRecently, I’ve told you that people using Outlook Express should be switching to newer email clients. That’s because Outlook Express is old, it’s no longer supported by Microsoft, and it’s never going to improve. I’ve also written about several good replacements for OE. You can use Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Incredimail or any one of several other free email clients.

Yesterday, I tried a new free email client named Postbox Express. The installation of Postbox is easy and it also allows you to import the old email, contacts and settings from Outlook Express. Here’s a look at the main interface of Postbox.


As you can see, it’s very similar to the layout of Outlook Express. However, there are a few features in Postbox that might convince you to abandon OE.

One of my favorite features is the ability to view conversation threads. Emails with the same subject line are grouped and sorted by date, so you can easily see the history of a conversation. This is the feature that Gmail made popular in online email services.

If that doesn’t impress you, maybe you’ll be more fond of the ability to almost instantly search your entire email collection. You can use words, phrases or special searches, as shown in the image below.


One final feature I’ll mention, is the ability to post content from your email to Facebook, Twitter or FriendFeed. If you’re a frequent user of social networks, this may be your favorite feature. To send text from an email, just highlight it in the email, then click the Postpull-down menu and choose where to send it.


Postbox Express let’s you view your Folders and open email in tabs so that you don’t have to close a message to do other stuff.

You can also extend the functionality of Postbox Express through Add-Ons, or install language packs, such as German, French, Spanish (Spain), English (British), Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Swedish.

If you are curious to see Postbox in action, here’s a video.

arrow-down-double-3 Download Postbox Express (Windows & Mac)

Techie Buzz Verdict:

As you can see, Postbox Express has many more features than Outlook Express. It’s free but there is a paid version with even more cool features. For most home users, the free version is more than adequate.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

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  • Bert

    Hi Cliff, Thanks very much for reviewing PostBox Express.
    It certainly has a lot of nice features plus the fact that it will run on Win7 too.
    However ,I do have a couple of problems with it. Then again ,I have the same problems with Thunderbird and not surprisingly so ,since it’s an offshoot of Thunderbird.
    My beefs with both are that no horizontal scroll bars are created if the width of the columns in the message pane exceed available window width.Also ,resizing columns can’t be done by double clicking on divider between column headers.
    What’s worse is the fact that it also doesn’t create a horizontal scrollbar in the preview pane if the contents exceeds the window width.IOW, resizing a window width consequently does not create a horizontal scrollbar either.This is also true for any other window ,like Contacts. I suppose you could say they’re consistent with their half-assed design
    These are bugs that have existed for years and totally turned me off
    from T-bird and now PostBox as well.
    Win7 has a feature to quickly put 2 windows side-by-side on the desktop.Not having horizontal scrollbars makes this feature useless as well.
    For the life of me I don’t understand that there is nobody in the Mozilla community that is capable of designing a proper windows Form ,that automatically creates a horizontal scrollbar when the width of the content exceeds the window or screen width.
    Just take a look at the much maligned Outlook Express and you’ll see
    that it uses properly designed windows forms and so does Windows Live Mail. I have no idea why Mozilla seems to perpetuate this asinine behavior of the windows and window panes from version to version and now it appears in programs like Postbox as well.

  • I tried postbox express, and I am really not that impressed. I prefer windows live mail or windows mail to outlook express, however, as the interface is cleaner and working with the program is faster and more efficient.

  • Bert

    Hi ,Just an update.
    Postbox Express is no longer developed nor is there any support for it.It will remain at version 1.0 ,while the pro version is already at v2.5.
    Just want to mention that EM Client Free may be a better choice.It’s restricted to 2 accounts and you have to apply for a free license, but it is still being developed and imh opinion offers more options.