Portable Opera

With the growing size of USB drives, it has become more and more easier to carry softwares on a Flash drive and use it anywhere, this includes basic softwares to entire office suites and web browsers.


If you are a lover, you don’t have to limit yourself to using Opera to only on the computers they are installed on, and can use opera anywhere with the help the Portable Opera, the mobile Opera version you can add to your USB drive.

Portable Opera works just like the regular Opera software, just that it writes the settings to a file instead of the registry. It has the same features as a normal desktop version, surf the web, write emails, use IRC while having your contacts, bookmarks and settings with you – anytime and everywhere.

To install and use Portable Opera, extract the file directly to your USB device or Harddisk.

Portable Opera is not created by Opera themselves, however the developer of the software has the authorization of Opera to distribute the software to users.

Download Portable Opera

6 thoughts on “Portable Opera”

  1. Finally, Opera went portable.

    I love this browser and I am really happy that from now on I can use it on other devices and do not have to limit myself to Opera on my comp :)

    Thank for the info.

    1. @Shelli Opera Mini is the browser for mobile phones, however this portable opera is different and is for desktops.

  2. This is a smart move from Opera because this way if you are working on more than one computer you just launch your browser from an usb stick and use all the settings and bookmarks or whatever you need on any computer. This is what made me to start using Opera browser.

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