Opera 10 – You Don’t Have to Install It to Try It

I’ve run into nearly a dozen reviews of the new Opera browser which is now at version 10. Usually I don’t wait long to try out new browsers and I’ve been kicking the wheels on this one to see what shakes loose. However, I’m running the USB version which doesn’t require the typical intrusive installthat most applications require.


For those of you who want to give Opera 10 a trial run, I can recommend [email protected]. The download is a ZIP file, so simply unpack the program files where you want to keep them.   It’s also a portable application so when you are done trying it, you can simply delete the program folder and it’s really gone. No files or registry entries will be left behind to trouble you.

So far, I’m loving the speed of the new Opera 10 Browser and I’m considering whether or not I should install it.   Here are a few of the features it now has in addition to the existing range of unique features Opera has had since version 9.

  • Exclusive Opera Turbo compression boosts slow connection speeds
  • Innovative visual tabs displays Web sites in thumbnails
  • Intuitive, sleek design
  • Easy-to-personalize Speed Dial visual bookmarks
  • Everything built-in, no need for extensions
  • It’s free!

Happy Surfing!

Download [email protected]
or get the full version at Opera.com.

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