Pause your Outlook Emails with Email Prioritizer

Emails are definitely a great way to communicate, but they can also be a big distraction when you are working on something important. How about adding a pause button that would stall the emails from flowing into your Inbox?


Microsoft Office labs has had ears for that feature, as they have released a plugin for Outlook that will help you pause incoming email and prioritize the emails based on different conditions. The tool adds a new toolbar with a Do not disturb button that will allow you to stop receiving emails for anything between 10 to 4 hours.

The Email Prioritizer also allows you to setup rules that allow you to star emails based on a 0-3 rating. This looks like a great utility for users who are overloaded with emails throughout the day and want to focus on performing important tasks.

Sadly this tool is only available for emails that are fetched from Microsoft Exchange servers, we are wondering how hard it was for them to add this support for POP and IMAP accounts, since it would not have taken them a long time we believe.

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