Password Protect Any Application With Desklock

Don’t be misled by the name. Desklock isn’t just another desktop locking software. Instead of locking the entire system it only locks specified applications. You can password protect any application by simply adding it to Desklock’s list. Desklock sits quietly in the system tray and prompts the user for a password as soon as an application in its list is launched. The application execution is blocked till the correct password is supplied.

Desklock is ideal for situations where you have to share your computer with multiple users. It can also act as basic parental control software whereby parents can restrict access to certain applications installed on the system.

Password Protect Applications with Desklock

Desklock can also be effectively used as a boss key software. You can instantly hide or show any application. What makes Desklock even more effective is that you can even hide Desklock’s own system tray icon. Most activities like changing settings and revealing hidden windows require a password. The default password is 2 and can easily be changed by the user.

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