Resend Email From Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail

I use a combination of 2007 for office email, Windows Mail and Outlook Express to manage several email accounts for different blogs, the one problem users face while using Outlook express is the ability to resend email messages that they have already sent.

The resend mail add-in provides users with an option to resend a email to another user without adding those extra > characters, usually inserted when replying or forwarding to emails.

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Free Software To Create Your Own Social Networking Site And Dating Site

If you wanted to build you own social network or a dating site, it doesn’t get easier than this. Dolphin, a free opensource, scalable and customizable software is what you need to build you own dating site or a social networking site.

Since it’s under open source, you get the complete source code and which you can modify to suit your need. The list of features runs really long to be covered in this post.

Some of it’s features worth being mentioned are :

1> Live video chat with full screen video mode, Dolphin_preview

2> Share music and video files

3> Private rooms chats, one to one chat,

4> Rich Text Formatting and Animated Emoticons

5> Music Player,

6> Whiteboard,

7> Shoutbox,

8> Presence,

9> Desktop App and lot more features..

You can see the full feature list here :

Dolphin is backed by a strong community in case you need support.

There’s only one catch with Dolphin, though the software is under open source, you are supposed to leave the link intact in the footer. You can get rid of it paying a license fee.

[ View Live Demo ]

[ Download Dolphin ]

Get Credits When Someone Copies Text From Websites

At times, what people do with technology just amazes me. There have been a lot of moments when I’d go – ‘ahhh.. that’s just so simple yet effective’ , and today I’m gonna talk about one such implementation of technology.

If you have a pretty famous blog, then without a second thought you can be sure that a lot of content is being copied and reproduced on other sites. Some of them give credit but most don’t. What would u do in such a situation. Running behind all the people who copy content can be a night mare and a tedious task. What if, you could some minimal changes to your site and benefit from others copying content from your site ?

That’s exactly what Tracer does. Tracer, is what leads you on, recording each time a user highlights or copies any text, image from your site. It is a very simple light weight JavaScript that sits in site and tactfully adds a link back to the original content if copied and pasted in any other blog / in emails.

Watch this video to see Tracer in action :

Now it is convenient for you to see what is being copied from your site, and an added bonus of benefits from additional traffic generated by each copy. You can surely say Tracer is a unique and new way of generating more visits and page views, bringing in greater credit.

This also improves your understanding of user engagement, and strengthens your search engine ranking. Tracer, provides you with few advantages, so that you can provide high quality data to your advertisers, over and above the page view stats.

Secondly, Tracer teaches the method of Track Virility, where you learn which stories users forward most using copy paste technology. On your site, Tracer enables to produce contents that are closely associated with what the viewers are looking for and increases you knowledge of search terms and key words.

You can be assured that Tracer will add a link back to your site after the content is copied and pasted, thereby directly focusing on your search ranking. Also, is a site well in demand for people to find interesting web sites and increase visits to your site.

Download Tracer for free from Tynt.

Google Search comes to GMail

The GMail Labs programme keeps on coming up with awesome nifty features that make emailing more powerful. This time, they’ve brought Google Search right into GMail with the “Google Search in GMail” labs.

On enabling this feature from labs settings,  you’ll see a google search box at the left side in GMail, this is different from the search feature already available in Gmail.

Searching for something using this search box will load the top search results in a box (similar to the chat and tasks boxes, but, a little bigger). This ensures that you stay right in GMail, even when you have to search for something, thereby increasing productivity.

You can insert the search results without copy-pasting by clicking on a drop down arrow that shows up when you hover over a result.

It’s kind of intelligent that the available actions shown by the drop down arrow depends on where you are while searching. That is, if you were composing a mail, you’ll have “Insert into the email”, if you were reading a mail there’ll be “Start a reply with the result inserted”, and if you were on a chat, you’ll have “Send this result by chat to”.

If you have keyboard shortcuts turned on, typing g and then / will take you to the search box when you’re not composing, and Ctrl + g will do it when you’re composing (that’s ⌘ + g for Mac users).

Tip: If you use labels and have keyboard shortcuts enabled, typing ‘g‘ and then ‘l‘ (meaning Goto Label) will pop up a box where you can type the name of the label and go there. You can see how this works in our earlier tutorial about Browsing Labels more Quickly in Gmail.

Now that there are 45+ labs features available in GMail, we suggest you to use the “Navbar-drag and drop” feature so that you can arrange the different modules to the left and right of your inbox.

Command Line Calculator Is A Pretty Neat Calculator Replacement

The default windows calculator is pretty simple and can be used for basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.

Though there are several free calculator replacement available for Windows, we just came across another interesting one called Command Line Calculator. The app does provide users with a interface to type in the commands, however it lacks a UI that is available with regular calculators for inputting numbers etc, making it look more like a command prompt.

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Windows 7 Date/Time Format In Windows XP & Vista

has several new things built into it, one of it is that it displays both the date as well as the time in the system tray.

Windows XP and do not have this feature built into them, but if you want to display the date and time in the system tray, AskVG has discovered a tiny portable utility called TClock will help you with it.

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Terminate Non-Responsive Applications With Process Assassin

There are tons of times when a single application can make your system freeze because of memory leaks or other things which are not really in your hand.

Closing the application is the best way to free some memory and get your system back to normal.

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How To Measure Pixels On A Webpage?

Quite recently one of my friend on (follow me @keithdsouza) asked how one could measure pixels between any two points on a webpage?

There was something about this question, that made me realize that, I have been using a that helps users to measure pixels on a webpage, in a quick and easy way for ages now.

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Free Personal Finance Manager

No matter how much money you make or how much you spend, there is always the need to keep track of income and expenses in a systematic format, so that you can see where the money is coming in from and where the money is going.

Managing personal finances is a little bit trickier when you want to keep track of day to day expenses and receivables, having a software to keep track of expenses can help immensely.

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7 Places To Find Free Themes For Windows Vista

Windows Operating provide users with a way to enhance their experience with the help of themes, however there are not many themes to boast of when it comes to using the in-built themes provided in Windows.

which does have a beautiful UI can be enhanced with the help of more attractive themes, but where do you find themes for Windows Vista?

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