Exclusive: Digsby To Release Major Update Today

We have some very exciting and exclusive news about , the popular multi-protocol IM client is about to announce a major update later today to the Digsby client, this update will include several enhancements and includes the culmination of three months of development efforts.


The new features that will be rolled out in this new version includes several exciting changes including several performance enhancements and CPU usage reduction by about 50%.

In addition to this you can also lookup and search your buddies in your buddy list as well as on the web.

Another new feature is the ability to set invisible status for GTalk, which is not yet available in the basic GTalk client.

Disgby New Features Overview

  • Performance: Performance optimization from the ground up, reducing overall CPU usage by about 50%
  • Buddy List Search: Press Ctrl+F to easily search your buddy list or the web
  • Emoticons: Added four new emoticon packs to choose from
  • File Transfers: Improved the reliability of AIM, ICQ, and MSN file transfers
  • Conversations: Added an option for new IM windows to start hidden and blink the tray icon instead of popping up a window
  • New Infobox: The infobox now uses the same user interface control as the IM window (WebKit), making it much faster and more versatile
  • MySpace: Added support for setting status on MySpace
  • Google Talk: Added support for the Invisible status on Gtalk
  • And More: Over 100 other bug fixes and enhancements!

Here are some exclusive screen shots of the new application.

Buddy List Search   New Digsby Emotion Pack

More screenshots coming soon.

What do you think of the updates that will be made available later today? You can head over to the Digsby Blog to catch up the announcement later today.

Download Digsby

Free Java And .Net Profiler

If you have been into programming for sometime, you might know that no matter how good your code is, there are always chances that some part of it may cause memory leaks and add to system overheads.

Profiling your code is a great way to determine whether such overheads exists and take remedial steps to correct the code.


However there are very few profilers out there that are free, we came across another tool that will allow you to profile your Java and .Net applications.

IJW Profiler monitors your .NET or Java application as it runs, and determines how much of your execution time is spent in each function, as well as capturing the call relationships between functions.

IJW Profiler Features

  • Full call graph view gives you a quick overview
  • Browse call stacks leading to each function with the callers-of reverse view
  • Powerful hotspot view takes you directly to the most time-consuming functions
  • Intelligent filters allow you to focus on just your code

IJW Profiler supports .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5 and Java 1.5/1.6, and runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Download IJW Profiler

Autoreply In Gtalk

Many of us keep our messengers on even when we are not around the PC, however there are people who will still try and ping you when you are away, sending them a short message that you are not around does help, so that they do not continue waiting for your reply.

If you are a Gtalk user, you can use a software called Gtalk Autoreply to send a autoreply to be sent out if someone pings you when you are away from the computer.


Once you have downloaded the software you can set a custom message to be sent out when you are away, the message is customizable.


After enabling the Autoreply if anyone pings pings you on Gtalk they will see the message you setup, definitely useful if you use Gtalk a lot, however we would like to see the ability to disable the accompanying link in the autoreply message, the developer took note of this and has removed the link going out in the autoreply message.

Download GTalk Autoreply

Morro – Microsofts Security Essential Scheduled To Be Released On Tuesday

Every tech savvy guy who follows technology news, is waiting for Microsoft to unveil one of its best, long-anticipated, free (not something Microsoft usually is into), anti-virus software to the public, which is scheduled to release this Tuesday, 23rd of June 2009 !

This certainly is news …

Good for few: Microsoft (shares have seen 2+% rise just for the news), general public who’ll get free anti-virus software from the one of the best and trustworthy company ever, and

Bad for few others: Symantec shares were down .5% and McAfee was down 1.3% , and other free anti-virus providers like AVG are sure to have to tough times ahead.

( I don’t know what investors would be thinking now )

According to Microsoft, the free anti-virus software, code-named Morro will be equivalent to some of the low-end best sellers from Symantec and McAfee and comes with features like firewalls, encryption, parental controls, password protection and data backup.

According to Symantec’s Janice Chaffin, Morro is primitive version of OneCare, one, a paid security service, which Microsoft released 3 years ago, that never say anything positive. With MSE (Microsoft Security Essential) coming in competition, end users will be in a better state to fight new threats, viruses, spyare, rootkits and Trojans.

The beta version will come in 32 bit and 64 bit flavor, and will be available for download from Microsoft’s Connect website. However according to ZD Net’s Ed Bott, only 75,000 downloads will be available for beta testing. Don’t worry if you don’t get to download a beta version, as the GA version will be available by November, and that’s not too far away.

There is no registration required either. Just download, install and use it. It is designed to perform in a very effective way, where it it will use very little resources, mostly when you are not working on your system or when your system is idle, which ensures there is no compromise with your systems performance.

It’s already being tested by Microsofts employees, and now that it is priced at free, this one will definitely be a hot seller.

Freeware To Erase Sensitive Data

Eraser is an advanced security tool that helps to erase completely any sensitive private data in the hard disk. These data include passwords, official documents, personal and financial information.

The free software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 2003 server and DOS. It is attuned with drives like IDE, SCSI and RAID, and CD-RW’s and supports Supports FAT32 and NTFS Files Systems. While an ordinary deletion removes the data from the file system table alone, and not from the hard disk, eraser software overwrites the data and even removes the magnetic remains from the hard drive. This ensures that even after overwriting, the file cannot be recovered by studying magnetic field patterns on the disk surface. Eraser’s file removal cannot be overcome by File Recovery software applications or Hardware tools.

The software has an intuitive, user friendly interface for erasing sensitive data by trouncing issues caused by data encoding, hard disk structure and write cache use. The software appears as an eraser’ option in the context menu of the Windows Explorer and Recycle bin.

The overwriting methods and magnetic field remains removal techniques are based on the methods prescribed by Peter Gutmann’s paper “Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory”, National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual of the US department and US Department of Defence and overwriting with pseudorandom data.

Eraser can remove files and folders, including those which were only deleted previously and not overwritten. It uses the Darik’s Boot and Nuke method to erase hard drives. It can obliterate encrypted and compressed files and drives as well as internet cookies and Windows Temporary Files. The software securely expunges paging files, internet cache; recycle bin components, Network Files, Floppy Disks, CD-RW, DVD-RAM and DVD-RW. It also wipes away all traces of Index.dat on Reboot as well as FreeSpace on 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and DOS.

[ Download Eraser ]

Recover Passwords From Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail

Mail Pass View-Version 1.51 is the latest updated edition of the small password recovery software Mail Pass View. By supporting your email program with this password recovery tool you will be able to view the details of forgotten passwords.

The freeware will display for each e-mail account: the account name, Application, Server Type (POP3/IMAP/SMTP), Email, Server, User Name, and the Password. The additional feature in version 1.51 as compared to earlier versions is that this edition displays the accounts of Windows Live Mail if you alter the store folder location.

The software is compatible with email programs like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only), Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003/2007 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts), Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, IncrediMail , Eudora, Netscape 6.x/7.x (If the password is not encrypted with master password), Mozilla Thunderbird provided the password is not encrypted with master password, Group Mail Free, Yahoo! Mail on condition that the password is saved in Yahoo! Messenger application, Hotmail/MSN mail – If the password is saved in MSN/Windows/Live Messenger application and Gmail if the password is saved by Gmail Notifier application, Google Desktop, or by Google Talk.


Mail Pass View Version 1.51 is a standalone executable. This implies that you can view your email account list by running the executable. There is no requirement for an additional DLL or installation procedure. The email account list can be saved using copy/save option or through command line options.

Mail Pass View can be easily translated into other languages. This will convert the dialog-boxes, menus, and strings to the other language. If after completing the prescribed translation steps you want to run Mail Pass View without translation, either you should rename the language file or move it to another folder. Mail Pass View Version 1.51 is backed by email support and assistance.

[ Download Mail Pass View ]

Free Sticky Notes For The Web

My Stickies is a web based application that serves as a superior alternative to the bookmarks tool on your browser and third party applications.

My Stickies not only helps serve as a shortcut way to the webpage you marked, but it also allows you to put a yellow sticky note anywhere on any web page your browser visits. Ordinary bookmarks only gives you fast access to webpages marked and normally don’t have the note feature.

The Sticky Notes help you quickly recollect what you found interesting in the web page. The application also has My Stickies tag attribute which allows you to specify categories for each note, and create and view sub notes under every category. My Stickies is especially relevant for reminding you where you read something exciting in blogs.


My Stickies uses the browser extension method as it would allow users to obtain their notes instantly without having to load a book mark on every web page.

You have to sign up at the official website of My Stickies and open your account. The account allows you to access notes and bookmarked pages from any computer with internet connection at any place, as the bookmarks and notes are stored in the My Stickies server. All the notes you have created are visible in your account. It is possible to edit the note text or delete old notes no longer needed. You can also open the stickied sites from the account.

Every account has an unlimited supply of Sticky pages. Sticky pages are blank except for a title that you select for them. They are similar to a scribble pad where you can jot down your thoughts, or place to-do-lists or reminders. They allow you to store notes on them instead of cluttering your web pages with notes. They are hence ideal for use if you have large numbers of notes to store on the web page.

[ Visit MyStickies ]

Distraction Free Writing With Momentum Writer

More often then not while writing documents or blog posts for that matter you may come across several distractions, with some message popping up or some alerts out, all these things are distractions specially when you are looking to write something important.

Momentum Writer is a handy that will allow you to write without any distractions by providing you with a full screen editor which has a typewriter like scrolling interface.


Momentum writer allows you to choose different color schemes that suit your reading which can be customized for different users, along with instant document saving.

Definitely useful if you are looking to write something in peace without getting distracted by what is going around the rest of the screen.

Download Momentum Writer

Free Nokia Video Converter

Every mobile phone has their own default media format, you can play other formats too if you have a compatible player installed on it, however if you don’t have one, you will have to convert the videos before you can play it on your mobile phone.

Nokia Video Converter is a   that will allow you to convert any video to a format that can be played on a Nokia phone.


Aneesoft Free Nokia Video Converter is an all-in-one and professional converter for you to enjoy the multimedia on all Nokia mobile phone. It can convert all video and audio formats to 3GP and MPEG-4 video for Nokia N90, Nokia 6205, Nokia E71, Nokia 5800, Nokia E63, Nokia E75, Nokia E71, Nokia N96 and more.

Aneesoft Free Nokia Video Converter can convert all the regular formats such as AVI, MPG(MPEG), WMV, MP4, MOV, VOB, ASF, RM, RMVB, 3GP, 3G2, M4V, DAT, MKV, M4V, TS, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC(*.mp4), MPEG2 HD Video (*.mpg; *.mpeg), MPEG-4 TS HD Video(*.ts), MPEG-2 TS HD Video (*.ts), Quick Time HD Video (*.mov), WMV HD Video(*.xwmv), Audio-Video Interleaved HD Video (*.avi), DV, NUT, YUV to 3GP and MP4 video for all the advanced Nokia players.

Download Nokia Video Converter

Hidden File Scanner

Quite sometime back we had told you how to view hidden files in Windows and also had a script that would allow you to view or hide hidden files with a single click.

However those hidden files maybe scattered across your computer and trying to find all hidden files may turn out to be pretty cumbersome.

A useful called Hidden file scanner come in pretty handy here, by allowing you to scan your computer and find hidden files that are scattered across in various folders and drives.


Once Hidden Files scans your computer it will show you a list of hidden files that exist on your computer, you can either delete them or unhide them with ease.

Download Hidden File Scanner