Retweet Chicklet For Your Blog

We all love to show off our Feedburner subscription count, follower count so how about a way to tell users how many times your blogs content was shared on twitter?

Tweetmeme the popular service which aggregates all the popular links on twitter to determine which links are popular and allow users to retweet them also offers users with a retweet chicklet to show of the number of times your blog URLs are shared on twitter.


To generate a retweet chicklet visit the chicklet generator page and enter your blog/website URL, choose the color for your chicklet and click on the generate button.

Once the code is generated, just copy it and paste it anywhere on your blog, definitely nice way to show the popularity of your blog on twitter.

Get Automatic Drive Icons On Your Desktop With Desktop Media

One really cool feature in Linux distros as well as Mac is that they automatically display any plugged-in removable media on the desktop. This is a rather handy feature as it saves you the trouble of opening up (My)Computer .

Desktop Media is a freeware which brings this feature to Windows. It works with all sorts of removable media including CD/DVD drives, USB Drives and network drives. Additionally it gives you the option of adding shortcuts to Fixed Drives (hard disc partitions) and even Ram Discs on your desktop.
For removable media such as CD/DVD drives, the shortcut will be displayed on the desktop only if a disc is present.

Desktop Media also provides a couple of other handy features including the ability to remember the icon positions, ignore specified drive letters and create Symbollic Links instead of Shortcuts. It effortlessly integrates with your Windows installation and even works with Icon Packs. This is definitely going to be appreciated by those who like to have a pretty looking desktop.

Desktop Media - Get Automatic Drive Icons On Your Desktop

Desktop Media is a tiny download (354 KB) and has an extremely small memory footprint(less than 4 MB). I love it because it performs a specific task and performs it well.
[ Download Desktop Media ]

YouTube 3D Videos

3D videos are fun to watch, but experiencing 3D videos have been mostly isolated to theatres till now. The popular video sharing website is experimenting with 3D videos, which will allow users to view videos in 3D on their PCs using a stereoscopic player.

Visiting this experimental video on YouTube, shows users additional options that are not usually associated with YouTube videos.


The additional options allow users to change the 3D view style and view the video, the changes are applied instantly without breaking the viewing experience.


There are several tags available to create 3D videos for YouTube, which include;

  • yt3d:enable=true Enables the view mode.
  • yt3d:aspect=3:4 Sets the aspect of the encoded video.
  • yt3d:swap=true Swaps the left and right sources. You may need to add this to videos when the player with fixed anaglyph modes ships.
  • yt3d:left=0_0.1_0.5_0.9 and yt3d:right=0.5_0.1_1_0.9 These tags are very provisional and most useful for fixing up old videos. They set the source area for each eye as pairs of coordinates x1_y1_x2_y2. The scale of these coordinates is 0,0 for the the top left down to 1,1 for the bottom right.

This feature was developed by a Google employee as his 20% project, and was spotted by Search Engine Roundtable in a YouTube Help forum topic

What do you think of this new feature? Do let us know.

Get Instant Access To Your Desktop With Desk Topmost

Windows allows you to instantly minimise all open windows and view the desktop through the keyboard shortcut “Win+D” or the “Show Desktop” in the Quick Launch Bar. However, this is a far from ideal solution if you have a dozen open windows and want to access an item on your desktop. Windows Seven contains a new feature called Aero Peek which allows you to quickly view your desktop by simply hovering over the Aero Peek button (extreme right end of the taskbar). However, this feature is of little use since you can not actually interact with any of the elements on the desktop.

Desk Topmost offers an elegant and effective solution to this problem. Instead of minimising all open windows, it displays your desktop on top of them in a translucent overlay mode (transparency is available only in Windows Vista and Windows Seven). Desk Topmost can be triggered through a hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+D) and dismissed when no longer required with a simple right click.

Desktop Topmost - Desktop Overlay in Windows Seven

Desk Topmost solves various issues like temporary slowdowns you may encounter while using the default “Show Desktop” option. Unfortunately, Desk Topmost has a weird problem with Dual Monitor systems which makes it useless if you use more than one monitor. However on single monitor systems Desk Topmost works really well and boosts productivity. It’s a must have for heavy multi-taskers.

[ Download Desk Topmost ]

Detect and Install Missing Codecs with CodecInstaller

Codec related issues are something most of us are familiar with. Most of us have had experiences in the past where a media file refused to play due to a missing codec. An even trickier problem than missing codecs is the problem of codec conflicts which often occurs due to conflicting codecs being installed at the same time.

CodecInstaller analyses a video file and automatically suggests missing codec. Perhaps more crucially CodecInstaller is also capable of recording which codecs are utilised to play a video file on your system. This can quickly help you diagnose any codec conflict errors.

CodecInstaller utility has three components:

  • Installed Codecs Viewer which displays all installed audio, video codecs and filters installed on your system.
  • File Analyser which analyses a video file to detect the codecs required to play it. Currently it supports it supports avi, mpeg, wmv, wma, ogg, flac, mpc, mp3, mp4, wav and wx files. Quicktime and Matroska (mkv/mka) containers aren’t supported, which is slightly disappointing. If this is something you require take a look at VideoInspector.
  • Common Codecs Installer contains a list of commonly used codecs which you should install on your system. It provides basic information on each of the codecs along with installation status and download links.

Diagnose Codec Problems with CodecInstaller

CodecInstaller automatically attempts to install the Crawler Toolbar during installation. Be careful not to install the toolbar along with CodecInstaller. Other than this CodecInstaller worked as advertised and we found little to complain about. CodecInstaller is not something you will use regularly. However, it is a tool which may come in handy on occasions and is something everyone should have in their collection.

[ Download CodecInstaller ]

Backup Application Settings & Data With FBackup

Every application that you needs stores can be customized and may also store additional data, for example stores your emails contacts and more.

Each of these applications can be individually backed up, however creating for all the applications you use can be cumbersome and time consuming.

FBackup is a backup software that protects your important data by backing it up automatically to any location. The backed up data can be either compressed or an exact copy of the original files.


FBackup allows users to create jobs to backup application data and settings, creating backup jobs is simple though a wizard, however there are also several plugins available for backing up popular applications like , Microsoft Outlook and so on.

Overall a really useful application that will make backups much more easier for you.

Download FBackup [via]

Recover Stolen Laptops with Prey

There are quite a few laptop recovery software available in the market. Unfortunately, most of them are expensive and often require installation of additional hardware. Recently, we came across a possibly viable alternative called Prey.

The concept behind Prey is really simple. Basically, Prey works by monitoring a specified URL (such as If it exists, Prey assumes that your laptop has been stolen and starts its sleuth activities. It collects a wide range of data on the user including

  • Status of the computer
  • List of Running Programs
  • Active Connections
  • Network and Wi-Fi information
  • Screenshot of the Desktop
  • Picture of the Thief (if the laptop has a camera)

Recovery Stolen Laptops with Prey

The data is collected at regular intervals and sent to you via email. In order for this to work you also need to set up a SMTP server. Don’t worry if you don’t have one; you can simply use Gmail.

There is a big downside to software based laptop recovery solutions like Prey – they become useless if the thief simply formats the system. However, many thieves tend to dig around the stolen system in search of private data like credit card numbers before formatting – giving Prey enough time to do its work. Prey can’t compete with hardware based laptop recovery solutions, but is worth a try because it consumes minimal system resources and if you are lucky it may just save the day.

[ Download Prey for Windows, Linux and Mac ]

Smart Multi-Tasking With WinSplit-Revolution

If you are an average computer user, chances are you have multiple windows open at any given time. Switching back and forth between these windows become a hassle and decreases productivity. What if you could arrange all your open windows in whatever way you want and look at all of them simultaneously? Now you can do this with a freeware called WinSplit-Revolution.

WinSplit-Revolution allows you full control over how to display your windows. You can have 2 small windows on the left and 1 on the right, you can have 6 equally sized windows, a mosaic of 5 screens of different sizes or any other scheme that suits you well. You can re-size the windows for each position by choosing one of the many pre-defined sizes.

Another excellent feature WinSplit has is the Hotkeys. For example, just press Ctrl +Alt + Left to move a window to the left or Ctrl + Alt +Right to move it to the right. Pressing Ctrl +Alt + M would bring up a mosaic of all the windows open and Ctrl + Alt +C would close all windows. However, hotkeys are not the only option to move windows around. You can also just drag and move them. You can also configure the hotkeys according to your requirements.

WinSplit-revolution is only available for Windows right now. You can download it here.

Via [Killer Startups]

Free Intelligent Search Software

If you are looking for a free intelligent search software, then Copernic Agent is one of the best in the market.

Copernic Agent enhances the efficiency of your web searches. This highly intelligent program queries the best search engines to bring out incredible search results that are of superior quality and with great relevance to your search keywords.

The higher quality of the results is due to the wider coverage of the web by this software. It queries more than 90 search-engines, rids the duplicate results and gives you the best conflated information from all these sites.

Besides giving you an index of search results the software permits you to email them to friends, generate reports, save pages and even get rid of damaged links. It creates a search history and saves the searched pages for future use. Filtering and sorting results is also possible with this software. Layouts and choice of search engines can be customized.

The software is compatible with Windows95, 98, 2000, ME and XP with IE 4.0SP1.

The software’s interface is very user friendly. The software comes in three versions-basic, personal and professional. The basic version is free, where as the personal and professional editions come at a price, but they also allow you to customize your search besides performing the search. They help you reach hidden details and also have more advanced attributes for enabling search management.

The professional version is more advanced and provides you a useful summary as well as analysis of the results returned by this software. It helps you keep track of web page information changes as well as latest search results.

The software easily integrates with IE so that searches can be executed using this program from the IE browser itself. Online help is available.

[ Download Copernic Agent Free ]

XML Editor

XML is a markup language that is very widely used by programmers and applications alike. Though you do not require any special editors to create XML files you still get many more benefits by using one.

Greg’s XML Editor is a lightweight XML editor with syntax highlighting, syntax validation, XSD schema validation and XSL transformation.


Greg’s Xml Editor allows user to create, open and save XML, XSD and XSLT documents, providing features as:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Line numbering
  • Folding-unfolding of XML tags
  • Syntax validation on-the-fly
  • XML schema validation on-the-fly
  • XSLT transformation
  • Drag & drop files

Download Greg’s XML Editor