Backup Your Files to FTP Server Using Command Line

These days many web hosting providers provide users with unlimited space, so wouldn’t it be good to use some of that space for ?

Here is a hassle free way to create encrypted backup archives of your files upload them to a FTP server from the command line.

ZIPEncryptFTP is a C# command-line program that will let you create encrypted backups of your data without having to use a GUI and upload it to a FTP server.

To backup data with ZIPEncryptFTP just run this command from your command line

ZIPEncryptFTP /directory /password /url /ftpuser /ftppassword

Running the command will compress the files and sub-folders in the folder you specify to a ZIP file, encrypt the ZIP file using AES with the password secret your prove and upload the file to the FTP server, everything is done in the memory and it does not create any temporary files.

The software allows you to more than one directory at a time along with several other options.

To run this program you will require to have the .Net 2.0 framework runtime.

Download ZIPEncryptFTP

Nero Offers Stripped Down Version Of Nero 9 to Thwart Competition

Nero the manufacturers of popular CD burning and all-in-one media management have taken a new approach to thwart competition from free CD burning and DVD burning softwares, by offering a pretty basic version of Nero 9 for free.


The basic version of the software only allows for data burning and copy discs however burning videos and music is not supported.

The decision to offer Nero 9 for free does makes sense, however leaving out critical features like creating video and music discs may not help them, since popular softwares like CD Burner XP and ImgBurn offer these for free.

Will this move help Nero gain market and steal users from the products? Well certainly not for now, but Nero 9 in its entirety is definitely much better than them.

Download Nero 9 Free [via]

Free Memory Management & Optimization Utility

Most computers usually run slow because of heavy applications being built these days, however before you blame your CPU for the slowdown, let us just say that many times a PC may slow down because of low RAM or improper usage of RAM.

You can fix the problem of low RAM by adding additional memory, but how do you fix improper usage of RAM?

Related: Tools to Check Memory Usage


RamRush is a utility that allows users to monitor, manage and optimize memory usage. Using this tool you can free up physical memory and make your system work better.


This in turn will help you prevent system crashes and fix memory leaks to run your PC faster and efficiently.

RAMRush is available for download both as a installation and .

Download RAMRush

Print Only What You Want to Save Ink and Printer Costs

Printing webpages usually end up using lot of printer ink, and if you are aware of the costs of printer cartridges you might definitely want to print smartly not only to save the environment but also to save huge costs for purchasing cartridges.

Out here at Techie Buzz we offer a environment friendly option for printing articles, however not every website out there does that, so how do you get over it and print only what you want?


Printee for Internet Explorer is a IE add-in that will allow you to remove unwanted things from a webpage and print only the things you want.


Once you install the add-in you will see a additional button in the toolbar, clicking on it will show you several options, like removing images, removing backgrounds, deleting sections and more.

The best thing about printee is that it allows you to make these modifications on the webpage itself. We recommend users to download and use this add-in to save printing costs.

Printee is only available for right now, if you are looking for solutions for browsers like , or you might want to take a look at previously covered service Print What You Like which also has a handy .

Download Printee

Automatically Adjust Monitor Color Based on Time

Many of us usually use the computers and laptops throughout the day including evenings and late nights, the darkness at nights cause computer screen to emit a glow that is not comfortable to look at.

However adjusting the contrast and color over and over again could be quite a hassle and we usually leave the settings the same throughout the day.


If you feel uncomfortable watching the computer screen at nights, a really useful and software called F.lux is what you should definitely be using.

F.lux makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

It’s even possible that you’re staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better, or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better.


Flu.x will automatically detect your location and apply different color schemes based on the the time, however you can change the location and color settings to suit your own needs, by clicking on the Change settings button.

Flu.x will work on Windows XP, and Mac, they also have a version that will work on Linux.

Download F.lux [via tweet]

OpenBittorrent: An Open & Universal Bittorrent Tracker

Since The Pirate Bay has been acquired by Global Gaming Factory a Swedish Software firm, there has been a lot of news that The Pirate Bay will go legit or take up a paid subscription based format where users will have to pay monthly. Many people have considered this move to be a fall of the Pirate Bay. After all, it was the Pirate bay!

But fear not, a single torrent tracker can’t take down the whole P2P world. The Pirate Bay’s descendent may have already seen the light of the day or let me say, the url of the internet.

We are talking about OpenBittorent. Let us check out what it is.

OpenBitTorrent is a bittorrent tracker free for anyone to use. You don’t need to register, upload or index a torrent anywhere, all you have to do is to include the OpenBitTorrent tracker URL in your torrent.


Unlike other Torrent trackers, you won’t need to upload your torrent to some torrent indexing site. OpenBittorrent aims to be an open and stable torrent tracker, that anyone can use, without any dependency on another site for the torrent to work.

So next time you create a torrent and use OpenBittorrent for the tracker, you won’t need to index your torrent to a site. Just put in the torrent, pass it and continue the spirit of sharing. These are urls for the OpenBittorrent tracker. You can use either one of them or both:

And for those who don’t know how to create a torrent, follow this guide that Keith wrote some time back. How To Create and Share .torrent Files?

Are Free Antivirus Software Equally Good as Paid Antivirus

There has always been a heated debate between the advocates of Free Antivirus Software and the promoters of Paid security software products. The first category of people try to criticize the security software companies like Symantec and McAfee for charging the computer users for something which is freely available from developers like Avira and AVG totally free of cost.

On the other hand, the paid security software vendors say that it is futile and dangerous to expect the free antivirus software makers to put in that much amount of effort and time, which is actually required to combat today’s internet threats. It requires lots of money and time to do the research, and if the antivirus developers do not get the money back and earn profit, you cannot expect them to operate on a serious note.

My own argument is in favor of the the Paid Security Software vendors. And I also want to add here that most of the free antivirus software are actually a stripped down version of their full-blown software, which is often given as an upsell product for promoting their paid version. If these Free Antivirus Software companies start making their Free products equally potent as their main paid product, who will go and buy their full-blown product? It is separate issue that recently launched Microsoft Security Essentials does not fit in this category and looks to be an independent effort to clean the Windows ecosystem, in general.

David Hall, Symantec’s Product Manager Asia-Pacific Consumer Products and Solutions, has recently raised a powerful voice in support of paid antivirus software and blasted that efficacy and utility of free security software. It sure looks like an aggressive marketing attempt in support of his own employers at a crucial time when Microsoft Security Essential is gearing to offer a serious threat to the profit margins of established security vendors, but still, David has a point worth mentioning.

What do you think on this issue? Are free antivirus software equally good as paid antivirus?

[This post is from Silki Garg. Do not forget to check out her latest posts on Portable Antivirus and Windows Security]

Enhance Windows Seven Taskbar With Taskbar Overlord

You are probably aware that Windows Seven features a revamped taskbar (often called the Superbar). It’s possibly the most prominent change in Windows Seven and has received a lot of attention. While the Windows Seven Taskbar is definitely a big improvement over its predecessors there are a few nagging issues.

Taskbar Overlord is a simple hotkey application which enhances the Windows Seven taskbar by making a couple of small adjustments to it.

  • By default Windows Seven groups multiple instances of the same application together. If you click on the application icon in the taskbar, the thumbnail previews are displayed instead of restoring the last active window. This is pointless since the same thing can be achieved by hovering your pointer over the icon. Taskbar Overlord fixes this extremely annoying behaviour of Windows Seven Taskbar and forces it to restore the last active window on mouse click.
  • If you middle click on any icon (in the taskbar) a new instance of the program is created. Again, this not very useful since you can achieve the same thing through Shift+Click. Taskbar Overlord changes the default behaviour so that Middle Clicking on an icon closes all its windows.
  • Control Your Windows 7 Taskbar with Taskbar Overlord

    Taskbar Overlord doesn’t do much yet goes a long way towards improving the Windows Seven experience. Once you get used to it, you will be forced to wonder why these functionalities aren’t built into Windows.

    [ Download Taskbar Overlord ]

World Time Viewer

We may work in one country but we may have clients in several others, or for that matter even family and friends who stay in different countries.

Sometimes we tend to communicate with them, but the timezones are different, so if it is early afternoon at your location it may be past midnight in the other’s location.

Calculating time differences is quite a hassle, so why not use a simple World time tool to keep an eye on the time in several countries, without having to perform any time conversion.


Moo0 WorldTime is a handy tool that displays the time from several different locations, once you have installed the application you can choose the different timezones that want to see.


To view the time in different locations of the world, just right click on the WorldTime system tray icon.

Download Moo0 WorldTime

Visual Voicemail Outlook Add-In Deciphers Caller Data

Many phone providers provide user with an option to get a email alert whenever a new voicemail message is left on your phone, however finding information about who exactly left a voicemail message is a bit hard.

If you receive your voicemail email alerts in a handy called Visual voicemail will come in pretty handy to decipher and view the caller data.


Visual Voicemail is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 that processes voicemail messages from Vonage, Comcast Digital Voice, YouMail, and many other voicemail systems, to provide key information about the caller using information from your Outlook Contacts.

The information displayed will not be displayed if the user does not exist in your address book, however it is still better than staring at the plain text messages you have been used to seeing.

Download Visual Voicemail Add-in [via Addictive Tips]