6 Tools for Anonymous Torrenting Options

When you are surfing on the web, all your browsing history and activities can be tracked by anyone on the internet. Most of the hackers and others always will be on a look out for vulnerable connections. When you are downloading something from the web, there is a probability for others to know your computers IP address, system information etc., and use this information to launch an attack.

To avoid these attacks, you can hide your IP address or fool the hackers with a false IP address. This is done by using the re-routing process such that all your downloads are done using a remote server or by using proxies, this is called “Anonymous Torrenting”.

Here in are some of the tools that enable you to do anonymous torrenting easily without revealing any information about your computer. Both the recipient and the transmitter do not know each other.

1) BitBlinder

To use this application for free first you need to provide small amount of data. Everyone will provide a small amount of data to the system such that everyone’s data is anonymized in this system. When you request for certain data on the network, it is transmitted to the target website passing through number of peers such that one can see the address of the next peer. So, no one knows about the target website or about your information. By this way , you can keep your privacy and protect your identity at the same time.

2) Furk.net

Using this service, you can get a direct download link of the file that you want to download. If you have torrent files, then copy the torrent file location and past the address on Furk.net. Then, the servers of the Furk.net will download the file for you and also acts as proxy servers to protect your privacy and identity. You will get a direct download link where-in you can download the file as a HTTP file by this way you can override the ISP block and with the SSL encrypted links you can bypass the content filtering. You can also search all the Bittorrent sites using the Meta search engine in this site.

3) TorrentPrivacy

TorrentPrivacy will do more than just acting as a proxy. It will encrypt all the Bittorrent traffic using the SSH protocol such that no one can know what you are doing. Your IP is also concealed by rerouting your connection to the servers in Netherland, USA or Canada such that you will be appearing as a user from any of these countries and your original identity is protected. As your IP and identity is concealed, no one can legally sue you and even the ISP cannot monitor your actions. SSH protocol uses 128 bit encryption, it is highly impossible for someone to decrypt the data.

4) I2P installer

This application not only allows you to do anonymous torrenting but also protects your browsing history and IP address from others. Just install this application on your computer and if you are using   Firefox web browser then go to Tools>Options>Advanced>Network>settings in that under the connections select the manual Proxy configuration and then add localhost as HTTP proxy and add port as 4444, same applies to IE and Opera.   Once you are done, you continue with the torrents like you do usually but this time anonymously.

5) Offsystem- Anonymous Torrent Download

Offsystem acts like an online hard disk allowing you can upload or download   torrent files from your computer anonymously. Offsystem adds more number of peer-to-peer connections to make your identity and IP address almost   impossible to track. The network of Offsystem is spread across the world, you can upload a file onto Offsystem from one corner of the world and download the same file from another corner without any problem and that too anonymously!.

6) Nodezilla

This is a P2p Anonymous file sharing network that enables you to share files on various torrents while hiding your IP and system information on the network. You may be connected to the target site through any of the peers on the network. It also provides you with cache feature so that you can gain access to the information quickly.

Fire Notepad and Hire Metapad

Alex Gets Annoyed

Some time around 1999, Alexander Davidson grew so annoyed with Windows Notepad that he decided to create his own text editor. Metapad has undergone three major revisions since then. It’s basically a small executable file, only 94KB in size but it’s full of many useful features that you may not find anywhere else. In addition, after 10 years of development, it’s now FOSS (Free and open source software).

Over the years, I’ve tried at least 30 different free text editors. Despite that, Metapad is the only free Notepad replacement that I’d really hate to live without.


My favorite option is Show Hyperlinks(CTRL+K) and it turns a plain text document into a hyperlinked database by allowing clickable links.


URLs starting with http:or www.are recognized automatically.

Adding the key word mailto:in front of an email address creates a working hyperlink.

Files and folders will need to have the file:prefix in their location but UNC paths (e.g. \\ComputerName\SharedFolder\Resource) are automatically recognized and linked.

Note: Spaces in file and folder paths will break these links, but using %20instead of a space will fix this problem.

Wrong: file:C:\Documents and Settings\

Right: file:C:\Documents%20and%20Settings\

Options and Toolbar

The most significant options are just under the “Options” menu and are also assigned to hotkeys for instant use.


Other commonly used features are displayed in the toolbar at the top of the application.


Many people will agree that it’s aggravating to attempt dragging and dropping selected text in Notepad, only to find the Notepad just won’t do it. If you are used to this feature in other editors, you’ll be happy to know that it’s supported in Metapad.

Favorites and Recent Files

Metapad includes a Favouriteslist and also a Recent Fileslist so that you rarely have to use the “Open File” button and waste time looking for files.


Block and Convert Selected

When you’ve selected a section of text, the Block features in the Edit menu will let you do some pretty amazing things such as block indents and paragraph unwraps.


The Convert features under the Edit menu add more text magic to Metapad’s bag of tricks.


External Viewers

The geekier among us may like the ability to add two external viewersthat you can launch from the toolbar. If you’d like to edit the text file you are working on in another editor or viewer, the General tab in the Settings applet allows you to specify their locations.


Fonts and Advanced Settings

You can choose two different fonts in the View tab.


There are more settings in the Advanced1 tab.


The Advanced2 tab allows you to add up to ten Quick buffersthat can be changed in the Settings or even on the fly with a key combination. These are handy for pasting in commonly used phrases by simply holding down the ALT key and hitting the numbers 0 through 9.



Give Metapad a try and I think you’ll quickly see that Notepad should be fired or at least given a gold watch and retired.

The toughest part of switching entirely to Metapad is creating new file type associations for .txt and other plain text files but you’ll find it’s actually pretty easy after you’ve studied our How-To articles for XP and Vista.

Download Metapad

ImmunetProtect: Free Cloud-Based AntiVirus With Collective Wisdom

We have told you about Panda which is a free cloud-based antivirus, then why bother telling you about another one? Well, ImmunetProtect offers something that Panda doesn’t.

Firstly, ImmunetProtect has been put together by veterans of Symantec and McAfee who know what they are doing when it comes to computer security. Secondly, ImmunetProtect is a community-based antivirus where all users of the community would be instantly warned if a virus gets into even one of the computers.

Instead of traditional updates by the anti-virus companies, the protection in case of ImmunetProtect would be real time. Information about every attack would be recorded in the cloud and users will be able to help others by sharing their experiences.

Here’s what people who made ImmunetProtect have to say about it:

Immunet Protect provides protection by harnessing the collective wisdom of the security products that you already run, as well as knowledge on the applications installed across Immunet’s entire user population.

Here are some key features of ImmunetProtect:

Monitor Application Install:
· Examines all new software applications that are installed on your computer. This includes programs that you intentionally installed, and programs installed by other applications in background such as updates

Monitor Application Start:
· Examines all applications when they begin run on your computer. This provides an additional layer of security by detecting threats missed during their installation.

Active Protection Mode:
· Prevents applications from being installed on your computer until they are determined to be safe. Normally, this determination takes a fraction of a second. If disabled, applications will be installed first, and their security checked later.

You can download ImmunetProtect here.

Download Windows Live Movie Maker 14

In the past we have written about Windows Live Writer – which is one of the best desktop blogging tools available for Windows. Today we will take a look at another Windows Essential tool – Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM).

WLMM or Movie Maker 14 was released recently and is a huge improvement over its predecessors. Some if its salient features are:

  • Auto Movie: You have thousands of pictures, but don’t have the time to manually create a video presentation using them? Don’t worry. Simply use Auto Movie and WLMM will create a neat looking picture slideshow within a minute.
  • Live Preview: If you like Microsoft Office’s Live Preview, then you are going to love this. WLMM allows you to preview all transition effects by simply hovering your mouse over them.
  • Ribbon Interface: I love the Ribbon interface. Microsoft has been introducing it to more and more applications (which are definitely a good thing). And Windows Live Movie Maker is the latest application to join the club.
  • Windows Live Movie Maker 14

  • Fit content to music length: Another really nice touch by Microsoft. With WLMM you can match your video and audio length with a single click.
  • Publish Content Online: Uploading videos just got a lot simpler. You can now upload videos directly from WLMM. Windows Live Movie Maker supports YouTube, Facebook as well as file sharing websites like Windows Live SkyDrive.
  • Save Content in HD: If you are using Windows Seven then you can save your videos in HD 480, 720 and 1080p.
  • And More: WLMM comes with lots of other neat stuff including new video and transition effects and photo animations. Check out www.livepreview.com to learn more about Windows Live Movie Maker 14.

Windows Live Movie Maker is aimed at casual users looking to create nifty looking videos quickly and easily. The latest edition adds a host of useful features without compromising on ease of use and intuitiveness.

[Download Windows Live Movie Maker for Vista and Seven]

Delete Unwanted MSConfig Entries Permanently With MSConfig Cleanup

MSConfig is a inbuilt startup manager provided with Microsoft OS, it allows you to enable or disable services and startup items, however disabling startup entries does not actually delete them from the list.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the disable startup items still show up however they are now without check marks next to them, this list can get pretty huge if you use MSConfig to manage startup items.


MSConfig Cleanup is a handy that will allow you to permanently delete all the unchecked entries in MSConfig startup manager and remove them from the listing permanently.


Using this tool you can keep your startup entries clean and clutter free and help you manage it better.

Download MSConfig Cleanup [via Technibble]

How to Turn Foobar2000 Into a Super Music Player


Foobar2000 is an advanced music player that sports a very minimalistic look and can manage features TNT size – at the same time. Developed for Windows by Peter Pawlowski, a former freelance contractor for Nullsoft the company that makes WinAmp, Foobar2000 is totally the player of dreams for anyone who needs power, control and speed at the same time in the same player.

However, just after installation, you’ll notice the GUI is very simple, in fact, it’s the most simplest. It’s just grey. That’s all. Then how is it powerful? That’s what you’ll find out in this post.

Default GUI

Although Foobar2000’s base is closed source, it’s development kit, the SDK, is licensed under the BSD license. So there’s a plethora of plugins and modules that can enhance the player’s functionality. Moreover, a lot of advanced features are actually hidden under its hood, that we will tell you about today.

Settings and Configurations

There are several changes you can make to the default installation to make Foobar more happening and useful. Let us check out what they are. Below are some components that we recommend.

1. Add all your media files to the library (and keep them in sync): Just like any other player, you can import all your library into Foobar. The folders that you wish to add will be synchronized and any deletion/addition of music from those folders will instantaneously reflect in your Foobar library.

  • Click Library → Configure. In the dialog box that opens, click on Media Library’ in the sidebar.
  • Click on Add to add the folders you wish to monitor. Once added, Foobar will import all music files present in those folders and also monitor them for any changes.

Media Manager

2. Associate File Types: Foobar supports a large list of file formats. To select Foobar’s association with different formats, follow these steps.

  • Click Library → Configure. In the dialog box that opens, click on File Types’ in the sidebar.
  • Select for which formats you wish to make Foobar the default music player.

File types

3. Configure Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts play a very important role for any music player. And Foobar does a very good job of handling them. You can create and edit keyboard shortcuts in Foobar, it’s just so easy.

  • Click Library → Configure. In the dialog box that opens, click on General’ and then Keyboard Shortcuts’ in the sidebar.
  • Click the Add Newbutton. Select an action in the Action’ column. Use the Filter box to quickly browse through the actions you require, example: next, play pause, volume up/down.
  • Go to the Key’ box and type in the keyboard key you wish to make the shortcut for the specified action. It can be a combination of keys. Also, if you wish to make it a Global Hotkey, click the corresponding checkbox. Making it a Global Hotkey will let you use the shortcuts even when Foobar is not selected, or you are using another application!

Keyboard Shortcuts

4. Make the cursor follow playback: When songs are being played in a playlist, by default, the song selection does not automatically shift when a new track plays after another. It means, the window will not automatically scroll up or down as per the track’s location. To fix this:

  • Click on Playback’ and select Playback follows cursor’ and Cursor follows playback’

Playback follows cursor

5. Set the order of playback: You won’t see the usual Random’ or Shuffle’ button here in Foobar. It is, in fact, just a click away under a submenu.

  • Click on Playback’ → Order. Select the order of playback you want from the options given. Ample options, eh?

Playback options

6. Minimize to Notification area and Balloon Tooltip: You can minimize Foobar to the Notification area with a single config edit. Enabling balloon tooltips also needs just a click.

  • Click Library → Configure. Select Display → Default User Interface. Under the System Notification Area’ column, select Always show notification area icon’, Minimize to notification area’ and Show balloon tooltip on song change’. Of course, you may select the options you desire and not necessarily these.

Notification Area options

7. Installing themes: Foobar also supports GUI customization and theming. There are several themes available on the internet, most popularly on DeviantArt. Each theme has its own installation instructions and many themes also require certain modules to be installed. More on modules later. Anyhow, to install a theme:

  • Click Library → Configure. Select Display → Default User Interface. Under Theme Management’, click on Import theme’. Select the theme file you’d downloaded from DeviantArt or any other place.

IBIZA Ibiza Theme by Br3tt

Components and Modules

Functionality can be added to the player by using several components or modules that are available. A bunch of them have been developed and supported by the developer, rest are community developed.

The Fooblog has an interesting read on useful components. You should definitely check it out. Fooblog notes:

Installation of components couldn’t be simpler, once downloaded browse to your foobar2000 application directory, typically:

C:\Program Files\foobar2000\

From here enter the componentsdirectory, making sure that fb2k is closed, paste the newly downloaded component .dll file here. Close the folder and open up fb2k again to check the component has installed go to File > Preferences (CTRL+P) > Component. This page lists all the installed plugins, their titles and their version numbers. Double clicking the component will bring up some basic information about it, for instance its purpose and the author.

Each component will have a different method of configuration but ultimately these options will appear in the preferences panel under the associated section, e.g. Display, Tools, Library, etc.

1. Enable Last.fm Scrobbling

Last.fm scrobbling

  • Download Audioscrobbler (foo_audioscrobbler.dll)
  • Save the file in [InstallationDrive]:\Program Files\foobar2000\components
  • Restart Foobar2000
  • Go to Library → Configure → Tools → Audioscrobbler and set the settings. You’re done.

2. Decoding support for Apple Lossless Audio Codec files (.M4A)

  • Download foo_input_alac.zip
  • Extract the file and paste the dll file in it to the components folder as mentioned previously.
  • Restart Foobar2000

3. Customize Columns. Make Layout iTunes Like


This module makes it very easy to customize the layout of your Foobar2000 player. You can customize where what is displayed. Different modes are already available for you to choose to select the layout.

  • Download Columns_UI
  • Extract the dll and file and paste it in the components folder
  • Restart Foobar. You’ll be asked which UI you want to choose. Select Columns_UI
  • From the Quick Setup window that appears next, select the layout you prefer.

4. iPod Manager

iPod management component which allows you to manage most Apple iPod models without the use of iTunes. Features include:

  • Artwork support
  • ReplayGain to SoundCheck conversion
  • Gapless playback support
  • Conversion/transcoding of unsupported audio formats
  • Smart playlist creation

Extract the downloaded archive – using suitable compression software, such as 7-Zip – to the components sub-directory of your foobar2000 directory. Additional requirements/steps   and Download here.

5. Add ASIO output support

Useful for rare/obscure soundcards that provide ASIO drivers but no regular Windows audio drivers, as well as for bit-exact output on any soundcards that provide ASIO drivers.

  1. Install the ASIO component from the foobar2000 official components site.
  2. Configure it – Preferences / Playback / Output / ASIO Virtual Devices. This step is necessary because there’s no automatic way to detect which ASIO device channel corresponds to which speaker; additionally, multiple identical soundcards present in your system are presented as different ASIO channel groups provided by one driver rather than different drivers.
  3. Set your output device to one of configured ASIO devices.

6. Audio CD Burning Support

This module allows you to burn audio CDs from any of supported audio formats, through context menu commands. No longer requires Nero to be installed.

Download dll file and place it in your components folder.

7. Displays your media library in multiple list views.


Facets is a flexible media library viewer for foobar2000, based on linked lists. It provides a very sleek and modern looking playlist view that you must be familiar with while using other players like iTunes, Songbird etc.

Download Facets | Screenshots | Feature List | Installation Instructions

8. Pause Playback when session is locked

This module adds the menu command “Pause On Lock” which will automatically pause playback when the desktop is locked or when a Fast User Switch occurs, then resume when the desktop session is restored.

Download Component

9. View Playback Statistics

Playback statistics Playback statistics

This module collects playback statistics for your Media Library content. Statistics can be displayed in the Properties dialog or using %first_played%, %last_played%, %played_per_day%, %play_count%, %added% and %rating% in the Playlist view of the Default User Interface under the Library → Configure.

Playback statistics

10. Quickly Tag Music with Quick Tagger

Quick Tagger adds customizable context menu commands for quickly setting tag fields to preconfigured values (for rating and such). Can be used to bind keyboard shortcuts to simple tag modifications.

The configuration for the Quick Tagger can be found in the foobar2000 preferences on the Tools > Tagging > Quick Tagger page. For example, it can be used to write a rating tag to files. Click the Add New button to add a new preset, and change the name to “Rating” (without the quotation marks) and press Enter. Then press F2 or click on the values column and change the text to “1; 2; 3; 4; 5″. This will create a new submenu in the context menu at Tagging / Quick Tagger. The new commands can be invoked directly through the context menu, or they can be bound to keyboard shortcuts as usual. [by foosion]

Adding Quick Tags Values: Quick tagger

Now setting up keyboard shortcuts for the values:

Quick Tagger Keyboard Shortcuts

Download Quick Tagger

11. Install Equalizer Presets: Foobar2000 has a built in Equalizer, but there are no presets for you to choose. But we can download some and load them as we need.

  • Download Equalizer Presets (Second option, under the Download heading)
  • Extract the zip package and put the preset files somewhere you can find them later.
  • Restart Foobar2000. Go to View → Equalizer. Check Equalizer Enabled’ and click the Load’ button. Select any one preset you downloaded previously.


12. Channel Mixer

This module lets you make certain changes to the way sound output is done. Like:

* – (up|down)mix (to|from) 1-6 channels
* – redirect bass to subwoofer channel (6-channels output mode only)
* – delay rear channels by 1-40 ms (4 or 6-channels output mode only)
* – surround sound effect (2->4 or 2->6 mode only)
* – changing virtual width of a stereoimage

Download Channel MixerComponent

13. Grab Song Lyrics and Update the song’s lyric metadata:

This component, once installed, let’s you download lyrics for one, or any number of songs selected from the LyricWiki or LyricPlugin Database.

Select one or multiple songs, right click, select Lyric Grabber and click on one of the two sources:

Lyric Grabber

Once it searches for lyrics, you click the Update File button, and then the lyrics will be stored in the music file as a ID3 tag.

Lyric Grabber

To know more about ID3 tags, click here.

Download Lyric Grabber Component

What Say?

Foobar2000 is a minimalistic yet powerful media player. It’s got a wealth of customization options. A good deal of developers can be found at HydrogenAudio Forums where you can also get support for the application. A list of ALL components can also be found here.

Even though, it lacks some features such as Video playback, it does Audio playback nicely and is well, very snappy at what it does. Whatever number of components you load into it and whatever functionality you add, it still takes no more than a second to start up.

With a totally customized version, a number of components installed and monitoring a music library of 30Gb, Foobar on my machine does not take any more than 14Mb of RAM at a time.

foobar2000 memory footprint

Isn’t that great? Download Your Own Foobar2000 Today!

PS: I call it the player of geeks! :P

Pidgin 2.6 Released | Gets Voice And Video Support for GTalk

pidginThe popular multi-protocol client, Pidgin, got an interesting update yesterday. Some new features, some new fixes, and here, one of the best multi-protocol chat client got even better.

The spotlight in this releases falls on the new voice and video support for XMPP networks, that Google’s GTalk IM works on. Other important features to look for are theme support and p2p file transfer for the Yahoo Messenger network.

Feature List in Brief [Full Changelog]:

  • Voice & Video support, voice support with GTalk and voice and video support with the GMail web client.
  • Theme support in libpurple.
  • Support for receiving handwritten (ink) messages on MSN
  • Support for receiving audio clips on MSN.
  • Show when the user was last logged in when doing "Get Info" on an offline buddy, provided the server supports it.
  • New XMPP and Google Talk accounts require SSL by default.
  • P2P file transfers in Yahoo Messenger.
  • Sending text messages (address to +<countrycode><phone number>) from Yahoo Messenger.

Now here’s the raw deal. Pidgin released 2.6.0 yesterday and just after a few hours, also released 2.6.1 to fix some bugs. But neither of the new versions are available to download from the Pidgin Download page. The Window version that is available is still lingering on 2.5.8 and Ubuntu repositories and PPA haven’t yet been updated with the new version.

So, Windows users will have to wait while they update their site with the 2.6.1 version, but Ubuntu users should rejoice, as the latest version of Pidgin, i.e. 2.6.1 can be grabbed from GetDeb. So if you use Ubuntu, get yourself the .deb file and enjoy.

There’s still one glitch though. The WebUpd8 blog points out:

The biggest setback this far is that these features [voice and video] are not supported on Windows – but the Pidgin devs are working on it! And it also appears that the package from GetDeb does not provide voice/video support because Jaunty does not have the required library versions, so you probably must wait until Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.

Disappointment! Anyhow, if you just want to try out the other features in this release, either wait for the Windows version, or get the deb file as linked above.

Free Visual CSS Editor

CSS definitely speeds up website design and coding, and also helps in reusing styles across your HTML page, however many designers are used to coding CSS and then applying it to the webpages to test them out.


Arduo CSS Editor is a handy that will allow you to visually create and edit CSS files, the tool is definitely useful it you want to preview your changes as you edit the CSS files, in addition to that Ardou CSS also provides users with property selectors making it more easier to create styles for you HTML pages.


Once you have created your CSS styles you can also optimize it for the web using the inbuilt CSS optimizer (CSS Tidy) and save it.

Arduo CSS Features

  • Edit CSS files through visual interface
  • Edit CSS through text editor with syntax highlighter.
  • Allow CSS compression to optimize site performance.
  • Allow preview in external CSS files.
  • Allows to edit CSS property through dialogs .
  • Show preview of the file being edited.

Download Arduo CSS Editor

Take Basic Text Editing To Next Level With Easy Writer

Normally we use Wordpad to create and edit documents if we haven’t installed any of the office suite. But the main drawback of Wordpad is that, it provides only basic features. Here is an alternate to Wordpad, that takes basic editing to the next level.

Easy Writer 09 is an excellent alternate to Wordpad with an elegant look. It also sport a ribbon interface, that you may have earlier used in Microsoft Office.

Easy Writer 09

Best features of Easy Writer 09

Ribbon Interface

Ribbon Interface In Easy Writer 09

You may be familiar with the ribbon interface if you have earlier used Microsoft Office 2007. Ribbon Interface proves to be much easier and efficient as compared to the old menu style interface. Though the Wordpad provided in Windows 7 already have ribbon interface, this software will help the users of Windows XP and Vista to get the same look and feel right inside their OS.

Clear Everything

Clear Everything In Easy Writer 09

Many a times you need to delete everything that you have written, for this you normally keep pressing the backspace key or you may first select all the text with ctrl+a and then press delete key. To make this process much simpler, a single button is provided to clear all the text in the document.

Open Audio, Video And Images

Open Audio Video Images Files

Most of us have the habit of listening songs while doing work. But if you are writing something inside Easy Writer 09, just forget any other music players because you can play audio, video as well as image files right inside the program itself.

Although there are many advantages of using this software, but one of the biggest disadvantage is that you can open and save files only in .rtf (Rich Text Files) format. It would be better if they have provided support for more file formats.

We would definitely recommend you to use this software as it provides many exiting features as compared to any other basic text editor.

Download Easy Writer 09

Put More Songs In Your MP3 Player By Modifying The Bitrate

Your MP3 player only has so much space and you would not want to go buy a new only because you want a few more songs to fit into it. You don’t need to. You can do that by modifying the bitrate of your Mp3 files using MP3 Quality Modifier.

MP3 Quality modifier reduces the size of your MP3 file dramatically by decreasing the bitrate. Modifying the bitrate of a file has a very low impact on the quality of the song but a high impact on the size of it. All your ID3 tags like Artist name and Album e.t.c. will remain intact.

Here are some of the main features that the software offers:

  • Change the MP3 bitrate with just a few clicks.
  • Converted selected files or the whole folder.
  • Unlike other similar softwares, retain your ID3 tags.
  • Advanced options like detailed bitrate setting and sample frequency.
  • Option to compare created files with the original ones.
  • An easy to use and portable application.

It is a specially useful tool for tracks that you only have to listen to once and for which the audio quality doesn’t matter at all. For example, audio books and lectures.

Download MP3 Quality Modifier here