Find Open Source Alternatives For Commercial Software

The world is moving towards free software. Already there are tons of free software available in the market but people often find it difficult to find them as they are not that popular.

Osalt is a website that lets you find open source alternatives to popular commercial software. Simply browse through the software directory and select the commercial software you want to use. Osalt would show you available open source alternatives for that software with a link to download it.

Details for each software include the operating systems it can be used with. You can also search Osalt by the commercial software, the open source software or the tasks you want to accomplish. So next time you want to spend money on buying a software, make sure you check out Osalt first.

Backup and Restore USB Drives

Those tiny little things called USB Drives, Flash Drives, Jump drives or whatever else you call it can easily get corrupted due to wear and tear, agreed that it adds convenience to carry around data, but what if it gets corrupted and you lose important files?

If you were thinking like we were, you are right, taking regular can definitely help to keep your data safe and secure no matter what storage device you are using.


USB Image tool is a tool for USB drives that will let you create backup images of the entire drive and restore them at a later date.

Image files are basically exact replica of a drive that is used by various backup softwares to backup and restore data, with the help of this tool you can create .img or .ima files that you can use anywhere.

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Whenever you want to restore the files back to the same USB or another USB drive run the restore wizard and point to the file which you had earlier created as a backup and Image Tool will take care of restoring all your data back to the USB drive.

USB Image tool is a , no installation is required just unzip and start backing up.

Download USB Image Tool

Easily Print CD/DVD Covers With Undercover XP

Do you want to create a CD/DVD cover, but don’t know from where to start? Now you can create and print CD/DVD covers without spending a single penny. Undercover XP is a tiny utility that will help you to easily print pre-designed CD and DVD covers.

Undercover XP Front

Undercover XP DEsigns And Layouts

Undercover XP comes with 25 pre-designed layouts, which includes covers for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray as well as for Playstation and Nintendo Wii.

It supports JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats and it can automatically scale front covers, back covers, front + inside, inlays, DVD Boxes, Digital Pictures and CD/DVD labels to the correct sizes.

Undercover XP comes with 6 different skins and supports 27 different languages. You can even customize all the pre-designed layouts with the help of in-built “Format Editor

UndercoverXP is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

[ Download UndercoverXP ]

Boost Up Your Firefox Speed With SpeedyFox

Though Firefox is the most preferred browser, it lacks speed as compared to Google Chrome. Firefox can be customized easily with the help of thousand of addons, but it is far behind in terms of speed.

Speedy Fox

SpeedyFox is a tiny utility that will boost up the speed of Firefox with a single click. SpeedyFox will speed-up the browsing history and it will perform faster operations with the cookies. Because of this your Firefox will startup 3 times faster and pages will be loaded with an increadible speed.

Firefox BoosterSpeedyfox won’t alter your existing profile. It will keep all your bookmarks as well as passwords as it is. It will defragment the database in a safe manner. SpeedyFox will boost up the overall speed of Firefox.

We have tested SpeedyFox and it proves to be the best Firefox optimization utility. Just optimize your Firefox with the help of this tiny utility and you will know the difference within a second. We recommend this utility to all the fans of Mozilla Firefox. Happy Surfing!

[ Download SpeedyFox ]

Fix Registry Problems Within A Minute With Registry Technician

Registry problem occours due to various reasons. One of the most common reason is, frequent installation and uninstallation of softwares. Due to problems in registry,  our computer gets slow as the days goes by. It is therefore necessary to cleanup our registry on a regular basis.

Registry Technician

Registry Technician is a free registry optimizer that completely cleans the registry and solves all the problems related to it. It takes less than a minute to clean and optimize the registry. It will sovle your registry problems such as corrupt registry entries relating to drivers, invalid file associations and missing windows classes.

It will help you to cleanup your program menus to make it more efficient. Before cleaning the registry, it will also prompt you to backup the registry so that you can restore it, if any critical problem occours in future.

You can schedule it as per your requirements so that your registry remain clean everyday. You can even choose whether you want to clean your registry manually or automatically. If you face any critical problem after cleaning the registry, you can restore the registry with this program itself. Registry Technican is one of the best software in its category.

[ Download Registry Technician ]

Quickly Backup Removable Media With FlashBack

FlashBack is a simple portable application whose sole purpose is to backup data from removable media (such as pen drives, memory cards, MP3 players and digital cameras).
Backing up data with FlashBack is simple. Just launch this utility and select your backup location. FlashBackup will do the rest for you. FlashBack automatically backs up all removable devices connected to your computer. Not only that the next time you run FlashBack it will automatically detect any new or modified files and back them up.

FlashBack - Backup Removable Media

By default FlashBack will copy everything it finds on your device. However, you can easily specify the file types (extensions) you want to back up by selecting any of the pre-defined extensions. Don’t worry if you couldn’t find your desired file format in the list. Adding a custom file extension is also dead simple.

FlashBack - Backup Selected File Types

There are dozens of data backup utilities (both free and paid) in the market. In fact you will be spoiled for choice. However, not everyone requires the advanced features offered by these sophisticated utilities. FlashBack is a simple USB backup device which does what it’s supposed to without unnecessarily complicating things. It’s ideal for folks who want to simply copy content from their MP3 player or Digital Camera.

[Download FlashBack]

Speedup/Optimize Acrobat Reader & Photoshop

Acrobat Reader and Photoshop are two very popular apps from Adobe that are used by many users, one problem many of you might have seen that these two softwares take a long time to startup.

PDF Speedup allows you to significantly speed up the time it takes to load Adobe Reader. If you notice that when the Reader starts it loads many plug-ins which you may or may not need, this program simply disables the plug-ins and loads only the absolute necessary ones so the program starts quickly.


On the other hand Adobe Photoshop Speedup significantly decreases the time it takes to load Adobe Photoshop by disabling the plug-ins that you may not need. There are several options such as whether to load the Adobe fonts, load the presets, and set the memory usage. You may restore to the original settings at any time.

Both of the speedup are so you can run it without having to install them, definitely useful if you have lag times while loading any of the two applications.

Download Adobe Acrobat Speed & Photoshop Speedup (scroll to middle of page to find download links)

Add More File Types to The Preview Pane with PreviewConfig

Preview Pane was one of the dozens of new features introduced in Vista. It’s one thing I loved in Windows Vista and use regularly even on Windows Seven. Yet it has managed to remain almost unnoticed and even regular users of Vista may not be aware of it.

Activating the preview pane is really simple – just press Alt+P while using the Windows Explorer. The preview pane allows you to get a quick idea about the content of the file without even opening it. It allows you to read text files, listen to audios and preview videos and preview documents. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with all files. It won’t work for .mkv files even if you have the proper codecs installed. Similarly, you can’t preview .nfo files although they are just text files.

PreviewConfigLuckily for us, the folks behind WinHelpOnline have released a simple tool called PreviewConfig that makes adding new formats to Preview Pane dead simple. It doesn’t even require installation (portable software). When you launch PreviewConfig it will display all the currently registered file formats. Adding a new file type is as simple as entering the extension and selecting the Preview Type (text, media file and other).

PreviewConfig is a nice utility that works really well if you have a lot of unorthodox file formats in your system. Unfortunately, Windows Seven users are out of luck as PreviewConfig currently supports only Windows Vista. If you are using Vista give it a try and let us know if you found it useful.

[Download PreviewConfig]

Add Tabs To Microsoft Office Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Quite a few years ago when there was only IE6 I really did not have any clue what the power of having a tabbed interface could do, I did use Netscape a bit back then which had tabbed interface, but, then we were all used to using IE6 and opening new windows for each link, piling up 20-25 open instances at a time was a norm.

Then came in and revolutionized how we look at tabs (it borrowed mostly from Netscape), coming back to the future we are now all so used to working with tabbed interfaces that opening multiple windows becomes a real pain.


But still there are some applications like Microsoft Office which do not support tabs, well at least till now. Office Tabs is a excellent that brings the tabbed interface to Office applications.

Once you install the application you can choose from various options provided for individual applications like Excel, Word and PowerPoint, you can also control the look and fee of the tab and customize for the application.

This should also work with Microsoft however it seems to be a bit buggy when I tested it out. However this definitely adds a much better way to work with documents, spreadsheets and presentations, hope Microsoft will officially add support for tabs in near future.

Download Office Tabs (Chinese language view English translation)

[via Download Squad]

Get All the Useful Windows Commands in One Application

Every day we perform a lot of tasks on our computers. Some of   these tasks are repetitive and can consume   your precious time. Here is a useful windows freeware that organizes the frequently used windows tasks under one interface so that you   can get them done easily and in less time.

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