Replace Outlook Express with Incredimail

incredimail-iconYesterday, I told you why you should upgrade Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail. My main concern is that Outlook Express is old, and that it’s no longer supported by Microsoft. People will continue to have problems with OE, and it’s never going to improve. Almost any new email client would be better right now. So, if you don’t like Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird, you might like Incredimail.

What’s so great about Incredimail?

Many people might tell you that Incredimail was designed for teen-aged girls. However, it’s flexible and even the more conservative email users can enjoy it. Once you look past the eye-candy filled interface, you might agree.

Here’s what the website says about this free email client:

  • Send beautiful email backgrounds
  • Add 1000’s of fun emoticons to your emails
  • Enjoy animated email notifiers
  • See exciting 3D effects in your emails
  • Add funny animations to your emails
  • Add cool sounds to your email messages

Install and Setup

Once you’ve downloaded Incredimail and start the install, there’s one screen that I’ll warn you about. As you can see below, Incredimail offers to change your default search engine and install a search toolbar. I haven’t found anything bad about these additions, and it’s up to you if you want them. You can remove them by clicking the Custom Installationbutton, and unchecking the filled check-boxes.


Setting up your existing email accounts is easy. If you are already using Outlook Express, You can import your correct email account configuration. When I installed it, this happened automatically and Incredimail was ready to use immediately.

Here’s a quick preview of what the Incredimail client looks like while it’s running.


There are tons of ways to customize the emails that you send. Here’s one I sent to my wife.


If you’d like to learn more about Incredimail, check out this video.

arrow-down-double-3 Download Incredimail (WinXP, Vista, 7)

Replace Outlook Express with Windows Live Mail

How much do you love your Outlook Express email? I subscribe to several newsletters and other various help sites. One of the applications that I see people asking about often is Outlook Express. There always seems to be someone having problems with it.

wlm-iconI used it for several years myself, and I remember having   a few problems too. I think it’s time for people to leave Outlook Express behind. If you agree that it’s time to try something new, I have a suggestion for you; upgrade to Windows Live Mail (WLM).

Why would it be a good idea to change?

Microsoft designed Windows Live Mail as a replacement for Outlook Express 6. You could say that it’s Outlook Express 7 and you wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

It’s a good idea to keep your software upgraded to the latest supported versions. Outlook Express is no longer supported by Microsoft. Unsupported software is typically more vulnerable to attack by hackers.

WLM has more features. You can add MS Messenger, RSS Feeds and a Calendar with reminders.

Is it hard to switch from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail?

It’s easy. The first thing WLM does when it installs, is to look for an existing version of Outlook Express. It will automatically import all of your contacts, settings and old mail. If you decide you don’t like it, you can uninstall it and Outlook Express will still be there.



Do you need help?

You may not need it, but here’s a   tutorial on installing WLM.

Here’s a video showing how easy it is to use Windows Live Mail.

Here is Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 of the video.

arrow-down-double-3 Download Windows Live Mail for XP

arrow-down-double-3 Download Windows Live Mail for Vista and Seven

If you decide to use WLM, be sure to check out our article about backing it up and restoring it.

30 New Screensavers – More for the PC and Now Mobile Phones

screensaver-icoCheck out the newest batch of animated screensavers below. In addition to 10 new screensavers for your PC, there are 20 new animated wallpapers for your mobile phone devices.

As many of you have learned by now, not all free screensavers are created equal. Many times, free means that you have to install stupid toolbars, adware and other unwanted junk along with the screensaver. That’s not true of the ones at NewFreeScreensavers.

10 for the PC


10 for Mobiles (240×320)


10 for Mobiles (480×640)


The files for mobile devices are animated gifs that you’ll have to transfer from a PC to your phone via cable or bluetooth. The download instructions on the page only work in Internet Explorer. If you experiment a little, you might find a way that those gifs can still be downloaded using other browsers.

Example animated gif from the mobiles download page:


arrow-down-double-3 10 Screensavers for PC

arrow-down-double-3 20 Screensavers for Mobiles

Techie Buzz Verdict:

I’ve downloaded and installed several of the screensavers at this site and never had a problem with any of them. These screensavers are safe, totally free, and there are dozens more to check out once you visit.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

Freeware Friday: Writemonkey

The past month I’ve taken to re-cultivating my love for writing fiction. I’ve been quite out of touch (which presumably shows up in my recent writings) but I am trying to get back into the groove. This usually strikes me when I have some pressing matter to attend to and is therefore suitably rushed and gives way to easy distraction.

Word 2010, with all its gorgeous reference markups, font styling and other bells and whistles is quite handy in these situations. However, it is also chock full of things I want and do not need. A two minute search for the synonyms of a word ends up as a two hour internet voyage; from an obscure word that pop ups with Shift+F7 to no less than twenty tabs open in Chrome about the word, its roots, images pertaining to the word and so on and so forth. Also very prevalent is the ubiquitous green underline that tells me that this sentence could somehow be better.

Knowing these shortcomings, I turned to the internet to suggest distraction-free word processors. After a bit of searching and some unsuccessful tries, I stumbled upon WriteMonkey, and boy am I glad that I did.


WriteMonkey has everything that I wanted a huge amount of customizable features, full-screen distraction-free writing environment and even the close-to-tray option.

Every option is tucked away neatly under the (slightly large) pop-up menu, and it even has a spell-checker to boot; although I’d be using Word’s spelling and grammar to proof my story once before publishing/saving it for good anyway. Some of the more useful options that I had never thought about are also present in WriteMonkey such as creating a new text file from the clipboard’s contents. Unabashedly useful and extremely light, WriteMonkey is the one tool that I’d recommend to anyone looking for a minimalist, distraction-free writing environment.

WriteMonkey Screenshot - click to enlarge

WriteMonkey is an installer-free Windows-only software that makes use of the .NET Framework (2.0+) and is developed by Iztok Stržinar as a freeware (with minor donor benefits).

Do check the self-explanatory screenshot of WriteMonkey.

Freeware Fridays | Top Tools of the Week #25


In case you haven’t seen them, here are the most recent posts in our Freeware category. We hope you enjoy reading about these freebies, and maybe you’ll find a keeper in the mix.

MS Money is Dead but Money Sunset is Free


Many people may not know that MS Money is no longer supported. However, Microsoft is offering a free version to anyone who wants it. I hope you didn’t buy a copy last year.


SugarSync Now Provides Free 5GB Storage Space

SugarSync Sync Service

Get 5GB Online Storage space with SugarSync. SugarSync for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry now provides users with free 5GB storage space.


Evernote Crosses 5 Million Users


Evernote, the popular note-taking software has crossed a huge milestone today; 5 million active and kicking users. Evernote, is definitely one of the best note-taking software which is available for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone and Android. The Easiest Screen Sharing Online


Do you know what screen sharing is? I’ll tell you about it, and I’ll also tell you about a free and easy way to do it.


Firefox Turns 6, Now Has 36% Market Share


Firefox celebrates its 6th Birthday today. Firefox currently has about 36% of the market share according to Stat Counter.


Top Extensions for Opera 11


Opera 11 now has extensions support. Here are some of the best extensions for Opera 11.


What is RockMelt? Do We Need a Facebook Web Browser?


There’s a new web browser designed around the idea that you can share more, and share more quickly on Facebook and Twitter.


BlackSheep Thwarts Firesheep Intruders

BlackSheep Firesheep Protector

BlackSheep thwarts snooping attempts from Firesheep. Protect yourself from Firesheep using BlackSheep Firefox add-on.


Dropbox’s Experimental Build Allows Pausing File Uploads And Define Custom Upload Download Speeds


The latest experimental build from Dropbox allows you to pause file uploads and define a custom upload or download speed from Dropbox preferences.


WinDroplr for Easy Sharing of Images, Text, Links and Files


This free tool makes sharing stuff online, as easy as select, drag and drop. If you’ve ever used Droplr on a Mac, you’ll be happy to see you can use it on a PC now.


NotScripts: NoScript Extension for Opera and Chrome


NotScripts extension brings NoScript like functionality to Opera and Chrome.


Bing Dynamic | Win7 Theme Displays the Latest Bing Wallpapers


Get your Bing wallpapers automatically with this Windows 7 theme. There are also ways to do the same thing if you are using Windows XP or Vista.


Be sure to let us know if you have a favorite freebie you’d like to see posted here. Our comments (below) are always open to you.

MS Money is Dead but Money Sunset is Free

money[Windows Only]

I wasn’t paying attention last year, when it was announced that Money Goes Bust. Over the years, I have used Microsoft’s home budgeting software several times and I know people that are still using it.

On June 10th of 2009, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue Microsoft Money. That was a problem for several people then, and it continues to be a problem now. If you have an old copy of MS Money, it won’t install properly because it requires an online activation that is no longer supported.

One of my friends, Joanne, recently contacted me and said that she was having trouble installing something called Money Plus Sunset Deluxe. She was getting an error about corrupt autorun.inf, and the install was failing. I found the solution to that autorun problem, but I was curious about this new version of MS Money.

This Sunsetversion is free, and according to Microsoft,

Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is designed to be a replacement for expired versions of Money Plus Essentials, Money Plus Deluxe, and Money Plus Premium versions.

For those currently using MS Money, don’t panic. If you need to re-install MS Money for some reason, you can use the Sunset edition instead. There are also several alternatives to MS Money that can import your Money backup files. I recommend if your budgeting isn’t too complicated.

I decided to give Money Plus Sunset Deluxe a try. It’s only a 34mb download, and the installation is pretty simple. Below you can see screenshots as it installed on my machine.

msmoney (1)

msmoney (2)

msmoney (3)

msmoney (4)

msmoney (5)

arrow-down-double-3 Download Microsoft Money Plus Sunset edition (Windows XP, Vista, 7)

Techie Buzz Verdict:

I always enjoyed using MS Money. If you are using it now, you may want to give Sunset a try. I expect that this free version will be available for a long time, and it does not require activation or a previous license.

What is RockMelt? Do We Need a Facebook Web Browser?

Yes, there’s a new web browser designed around the idea that you can share more, and share more quickly on Facebook and Twitter. That alone may turn some people away, depending on how much they value their privacy. However, after trying it for a short time, I can see how this browser could easily turn normal Facebook users into hyped up Uber-Facebook users.

RockMelt was founded by Eric Vishria and Tim Howes, and is backed by Netscape developer Marc Andreessen.   It was released yesterday, mostly by invitation only. You can get a copy of this browser by visiting and signing up via your Facebook ID.

After signing up late last night I received my invite and downloaded it. The install went fairly quick and here’s the first thing I saw … a Facebook login.


Yes, that’s right, it seems to be required. However, that makes sense.

It took me quite awhile to figure out most of the actions I could perform. If you open the RockMeltmenu at the top right corner of the browser, and click the Helpitem, you’ll find help for a few basic tasks. Here’s the first thing you see there.


As some of you have already noticed, RockMelt is built on top of Chromium, which is the basis for Google’s Chrome web browser. Those using Chrome now won’t have a hard time getting around in the browser.

Rather than go into too many details, I’ll show you the RockMelt video preview. It’s very well done.

RockMelt video

Techie Buzz Verdict:

I tried it, I like it, and haven’t found any major bugs yet. If you are already using Google Chrome, and you’re in Facebook often, there’s no reason not to give RockMelt a try. You don’t have to make it your default browser, and it won’t do anything to your current web browsers.   My wife reports that Farmville works very well in Chrome and RockMelt.


Dropbox’s Experimental Build Allows Pausing File Uploads And Define Custom Upload Download Speeds

Dropbox does not have a functionality to pause the file sync activity, you start the Dropbox desktop client and the application starts indexing everything stored in your computer’s “My Dropbox” folder.

The app then maps all the files with your Dropbox account and then starts the sync procedure as usual.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pause the file sync activity of Dropbox for a while? May be you are currently working on a document stored in your “My Dropbox” folder and Dropbox won’t upload the latest version of the document, since it’s in use by the Word processor program.

Thankfully, the developers have released a newer experimental release of Dropbox (0.8.112) which allows you to pause Dropbox sync activity, with the touch of a button.

There is no need to close the Dropbox client from Windows system tray, simply right click the Dropbox icon and choose “Pause Syncing” or “Resume Syncing”.

Another feature worth noting is that now you can define an upload as well as download rate from Dropbox > Preferences, quite similar to Torrent clients like utorrent.

This is useful when you want to define a custom upload or download rate for file uploads or downloads from your Dropbox account. Might be useful, if your internet connection is pathetically slow and fluctuates every other minute. If the file sync activity is slowing down web surfing, video chatting and other online activities – you can pause the uploads for some time.

I tested the experimental build on my Windows7 PC and there were no problems as such. Give it a try !

Download The Experimental Build

You can download the Dropbox experimental build (0.8.112) from the following links:

Mac OS X:
Linux x86_64:
Linux x86:

If clicking the links does not work, copy paste the links in your browser address bar and hit enter.

Source: Snaphow via Dropbox Forums

WinDroplr for Easy Sharing of Images, Text, Links and Files

windroplr-iconI’ve got plenty of ways to share files online, but so far, I haven’t found an instant screen capture tool to share images online. While visiting WebDomination, I ran across a tool that may solve that problem.

Have you ever heard of Droplr, the Mac application for sharing Links, Images, Notes and Files? Now there’s a system tray app for Windows, called WinDroplr, that gives you some of the same features.

You can download the installation file at, it’s about 700k in size, but requires .NET 4.0 Framework, if you are running WinXP.


Once installed, you’ll have a windroplr icon in your system tray. To use the program, click the systray icon once to show the floating drop zone in the bottom right corner of the display. Once it’s up, you can drag URLs, text and images from your web browser into the drop zone. Once the item is uploaded to, you’ll get a brief notification above the systray. Click on the notification before it disappears to copy a short URL to the upload.

You can also use WinDroplr to share files and collections of files. Drag them from an explorer window onto the drop zone. If you’ve selected more than one file, it will create a zip archive before it uploads.

Another feature lets you take and upload screenshots by right clicking into the systray icon’s menu.


The short URLs generated by WinDroplr are some of the shortest around. Somehow it offers integration with your Twitter account, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

Below is a video showing WinDroplr being used.

WinDroplr Preview


Techie Buzz Verdict:

I love the ability to quickly share links, files, notes and images. The drop zone is a pleasure to use, and the built in screenshot tool is my favorite feature. I’ll be keeping this one around and I recommend it.


Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Freeware Fridays | Top Tools of the Week #24


In case you haven’t seen them, here are the most recent posts in our Freeware category. We hope you enjoy reading about these freebies, and maybe you’ll find a keeper in the mix.

Diwali Theme For Windows 7

Diwali Rangoli and Diyas

Download Diwali Theme for Windows 7. Diwali theme and wallpapers for Windows 7.


Google Chrome Beta Updated To Chrome 8, Adds Inline PDF Viewer

Google Chrome beta v8.0.552.28 supports Inline PDF viewing. View PDF Files inline in Google Chrome.


10 New Screensavers Worlds of Water

Mystical animated water scenery is the main theme of this week’s release. Check out these 10 new screensavers.


Google Chrome 9 Hits Dev Channel

Google Chrome 9 has been released for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users of the Chrome dev channel.


WinCDEmu Opens ISO and Other CD/DVD Images


Do you know what ISO files are? How about CUE, NRG, MDS/MDF, CCD, or IMG files. These are CD or DVD image files and they can be opened if you know how.


IE9 Tops HTML5 Conformance Tests By W3C

IE9 Platform Preview 6 tops the first official HTML5 conformance tests by the W3C.


Be sure to let us know if you have a favorite freebie you’d like to see posted here. Our comments (below) are always open to you.