Outlook Thread compressor

There are several times when you have discussions through emails, if the conversation is interesting you may have several replies coming through, however there is a problem when this happens, the emails you receive as replies may contain the original conversation.

Most of the times the original conversation is of no use, and it would be good if you could remove them and save space.

Doing that manually can turn out to be quite a bit of pain, however a tool called Thread Compressor for Outlook could be of immense help, it’s an Free Outlook add-in to Outlook which removes unnecessary emails, on the assumption that most people reply to mail and leave the original intact, so you could keep the last mail in each branch of a thread, and remove all the others.


Using Thread Compressor you can optimize Outlook by freeing up a lot of disk space, this add-in works in 2007 and other older versions.

Download Thread Compressor for Outlook [via TechNet]

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