Pin Outlook Calendar & Tasks To Your Desktop

If you remember we had told you about a utility that would allow you to put pin outlook to your desktop, however if you are only looking to view calendar events and tasks we came across another called DeskTask.

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DeskTask connects to Microsoft Outlook and displays your calendar and task items on the desktop.



DeskTask Features

  • Your tasks will always be visible, saving precious time to launch or switch to Outlook.
  • Just minimize every window, and see what are the items due for today or tomorrow.
  • DeskTask displays the whole week so you can be prepared to organize your work.
  • Besides the calendar items, the Outlook to-do list (Folder Tasks) is also displayed.

DeskTask works with 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007 on Windows XP, and .

Download DeskTask

One thought on “Pin Outlook Calendar & Tasks To Your Desktop”

  1. So minimize every window or just click on the Outlook icon, or wait for the reminders to show up in a dialog. This may be nice for eye candy but for a practical work purpose I dont really see the point.

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