Notepad 2008 Brings Office 2007 Ribbons To Notepad

The default notepad provided by windows, is the most basic piece of text-editing software you will ever come across, the surprising fact is that Microsoft has always overlooked notepad, but that is going to change in Windows 7, and notepad will get a much awaited overhaul.

Notepad 2008 is a software which brings in the features of Windows 7 notepad to you, not only does it add a tabbed interface, it also adds in the Office 2007 ribbon features, which make editing files much more easier.



You can easily change the look and feel of the editor with themes that are already in-built. Notepad 2008 is a freeware and does not require any installation. Unzip the files and start using it.

Notepad 2008 definitely looks like a nice alternative for the regular notepad, if you do not like this one but are still looking for a alternative, do check out the top 35 text editors that rock.

Download Notepad 2008 [via]

3 thoughts on “Notepad 2008 Brings Office 2007 Ribbons To Notepad”

  1. Why would anyone want to add the ribbon to Notepad? The vast majority of users want to replace the ribbon with the UI that Notepad has: menus and commands. Much easier and quicker to use and more space for the documents. I guess I’m on the wrong page here….

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