Free Nitro PDF Reader Is A Decent Foxit Reader Alternative

I have always been a big fan of Foxit reader which I have promoted as the best way to view PDF files and also as one of the most Handy PDF Tools and Services you should definitely use.

However, over time there are several decent alternatives which are released, and the Nitro PDF team has done the same by releasing the Free Nitro PDF Reader to users.

If you are a Microsoft Office user, you will find some familiarity with the new software as it has a MS Office Ribbon-style user interface. In addition to that, Nitro Reader also has context-intelligent UI and tools which only displays navigation panels to appear on when relevant parts of the PDF have opened.

Nitro PDF Viewer

Nitro PDF also has premium collaboration tools which allows users to comment and review, use sticky notes and ability to reply to individual annotations and comments. The software also has a signature stamping function which will allow you to add your scanned or handwritten signature to the PDF file.

If you have used clients like Outlook in Office 2007 or , you might be familiar with the preview feature, however, previewing PDF files was not directly possible unless you used additional plugins to be able to preview PDF or ZIP files in Outlook. However, after installing Nitro Reader you will be able to preview PDF files in Outlook.

There are also several other interesting features in this software including a Snapshot tool to capture and send selected areas of a PDF to the clipboard and ability to disable JavaScript and restrict web access from the PDF.

Techie Buzz Verdict


Nitro PDF reader is definitely a software worth downloading. Not only does it allow you to read PDF files, it also allows you to edit PDF files, fill-in and save forms and more.

Nitro PDF Reader is still in beta and can be download for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit OS from the download link given below.

Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Download Link:

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  • My fav pdf reader is PDF-XChange viewer. Blows everone away with its features. However, if you want to do editing you will need to buy the full version.

  • Nitro PDF is a great free offering. These guys have been working incredibly hard on their offering, and their products come highly recommended. They got an awesome blog as well, so do go and take a look at what they have on offer.

  • Evil Overlord

    Nitro is great as a combined reader and PDF maker, but … I just recently found that it doesn’t always show all the content – e.g., in a pay statement, a couple of fields were just blank! They do show info in Adobe Reader, Foxit, and PDF X-Change.

    Disconcerting, to say the least.

  • Lambert

    Thanks for the review.
    In fact, Adobe has #@?!z/èd all of us off and there’s much need for an alternative.
    IMHO though the comparison should be done on relatively demanding and easily comparable document, such as a nice Diagram or a Flow-Chart. And there you will realize that the new NitroPDF is NOT even comparable to Foxit in terms of reliability both on the creation side and the viewer one.
    Just have a look at those lines of your diagram that were so thin in Word and turned out as thick as chop-sticks when you create/view your brand new pdf output with Nitro.
    Nitro has indeed a gorgeous UI which does not unfortunately add anything to the quality of this software. We have to say that this is a Beta version and I think that we’ll have to give the guys some time to refine it somehow.
    On the side of PDF-XChange Viewer I would say that it does not add anything valuable to Foxit performance and in fact what you see is not exactly what you get with fonts and lines tending to be more blurry.
    All in all I would say that today the PERFECT PAIR is:
    – FOXIT READER, by far the lightest and fastest free reader with a few interesting editing features (select “DECLINE” when installing)
    – PDF CREATOR ( – definitely DECLINE the Second License offer during the installation as it refers to a useless and intrusive Bar you don’t want at all; moreover beware of the much advertised “PDF Creator” which which is everywhere including the top of this page and is a 512 kb installer by the name of FoxTab PDF Converter that you definetely want to avoid) which seamlessly integrates among your printer with really worth results.
    Get these two winners and just forget the absurdly and uselessly cumbersome, slow and intrusive Adobe stuff!