Network Magic | An Easy Way to Manage your small Wireless IT Networks

[After a long gap of more than two months, I am back to blogging. This period was very difficult for me as I was passing through a difficult family problem, which had consumed most of my time. Now I am getting some respite out of it and the first thing which came to my mind was to write a quick post on Techie Buzz. Past two months have taught me several difficult lessons about life. But I love blogging, and one thing is for sure, I am here to stay.

I wish to thank all my readers, visitors, friends, supporters, well-wishers and specially Keith, who were with me through this difficult time.]


Today’s homes have changed. Now you have several gadgets, appliances, computers, printers and many other devices in your home, which require to get interconnected. Managing wireless networks is often a task, which intimidates many computer novices.

Now there is a real simple application by the name of Network Magic from Pure Networks. It really makes the process of adding, deleting and managing of network elements very simple. Installation of the program is very simple. You have to install it on your main machine, after which it scans for your other computers and peripherals on Wi-Fi Network and adds them to our network. You can also share these devices over the web via the Net2Go website account, which is given to you bundled with the package.

What I like most in the package is that you can mix Mac devices with the Windows based devices on this network. What I didn’t like is that it is not a free package and you have to shell out about $30 for puchasing it. Although there is a free demo version, which will last for a few days.

But overall, a value buy for novices.

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