NeoSearch – Search Windows the Better Way

Neosearch is a replacement for the default search that comes with Windows. The built-in search is a great tool to instantly search something, but there are some limitations to it also. The shared folders of any network are not indexed by the Windows search. So here is a nice work-around to help you remove this limitation.


Download Neosearch and install the tool. Once you have installed it, you will be prompted to broaden the search index by selecting full system index. Choose Yes if you wish to do so. The tool sits unnoticed in the system notification area, without causing any hindrance to your work. The very moment you need it just hit the keyboard combination Windows key + S. The search box pops up. You can do your search and then close it once you are done.


The indexing of partitions or specific folders also takes place without eating up large amount of your memory i.e it doesn’t hang up other processes. You can carry on with your tasks as the program indexes your files. The indexing process meter is shown to the bottom right corner just above the notification area.


Neosearch options can be configured to index your files automatically every day or manually whichever you prefer. You can also select some folders to exclude them from the search results.


Techie-Buzz Verdict

Neosearch is light tool(2Mb) which comes at no cost. The application is also very small in size(520kb). This tool completely replaces the Windows search tool with many more added advantages. Though this tool is not unique, it definitely is among the best I have tried. I recommend this free tool to people who rely mostly on Windows search.

Techie-Buzz Rating : 4/5(Excellent)

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