Quickly Access Folders In File Open/Save Dialogs With PathBuddy

Everyday of your computing life, you may have to open and save several files, which span across different folders, most of the times, you spend a lot of time navigating to your desired folder over and over again.

Not that we have not told you about some excellent softwares that will help you to quickly navigate folders in file open/save dialogs. We just came across another handy called PathBuddy, which works similar to the earlier mentioned DirectFolder, allowing users to quickly access frequently used folders, by defining shortcuts to the folders, which can be used in the Windows File Explorer, Open and Save Dialogs in any application, or directly from the desktop.

PathBuddy also allows you to create that can be used to display the frequently accessed folders, along with providing users with a menu, that can be accessed used the mouse and a dropdown box.


You can easily add any folder to PathBuddy by right clicking the folder and selecting Add to Pathbuddyfrom the context menu.

Download PathBuddy

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