Have Better Control Over Windows Networks With Checklan Basic 1.2.2

Checklan Basic 1.2.2 is an agentless network monitoring tool used for asset management both locally and remotely. It helps to create in a simple and effective way , an inventory of all computers in the network and can be categorized by operating system, BIOS, software , disks, memory, configuration of machines as IP address as well as enumerate local users and groups on each and every server or workstation.This version also allows machine specific inventory and it operates in real time mode.


All Windows processes are managed by server. It can display detailed report lists in Internet Explorer, as well as create and terminate processes remotely or locally.



1. Checklan Basic can start, stop, and change mode of Windows Services .

2. All Windows services are checked by server including Microsoft UNIX Services.

3. It can also do shut downs , restarts and logoffs.

4. Sockets to UNIX / Windows /AIX servers for internet or intranet are managed and detailed report lists are displayed in Internet Explorer.

5. Using the tool, shares can be managed in real time. Both remote and local share creation and deletion can be accomplished as well as detailed reports are displayed in Internet Explorer.

6. All Windows printers are managed in real time. It can locally and remotely pause, resume, obtain printer error and printing status as well as manage printer properties.

7. All Windows Performance counters are checked in real time and at counter level details .

Even if you are just starting out as a network manager for your team, all necessary documents for installation, Microsoft SQL databases deployment, SSRS & ASP.net reports are provided by the Checklan team for free.

Checklan Basic 1.2.2 is free to use and the the download file size is approximately 6.29 Mb. Checklan Admin Basic 1.2.2 is currently compatible with Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows NT 4.x.

[Download Checklan Basic]

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