Free Software To Monitor TCP/IP Network Connections

CurrPorts is a freeware designed to provide you with a list of all presently opened ports in your system. These ports could be UDP ports or TCP/IP ports.

Besides the name of opened ports additional associated information about the process responsible for opening the port is exhibited too. Such information includes process name, process path, process version details, process creation time and creator name.


You can also use this software to shut unnecessary TCP connections. You can make use of Command-line for shutting unwanted connections. The software can destroy the procedure responsible for opening ports.

The software permits saving the list of opened ports in XML, HTML files or in text file like tab de-limited. The command-line option can be used for saving the index of open ports to files.

Greater details about distant IP address can be obtained by integrating the software with IPNetInfo utility. Advanced filters feature helps screen only open ports you desire to monitor.

CurrPorts also permits the user to save details of alterations-added and detached connections to the log file which is brought up to date only when the list is manually refreshed, or by switching on auto-refresh option.

The software is compatible with Windows NT, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, Vista and 7. A special edition of this version can be used on Windows x64. In Windows ME/98 the software will not exhibit process information.

The software can be used without installation procedure and extra DLL files as it is of the nature of individual executable.

The new feature introduced in version 1.65 is the drag-and-drop icon on the toolbar which when dragged and dropped in the application window, filters ports by chosen application so that only this application’s open ports are displayed.

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