Monitor Network Connections With Moo0 Connection Watcher

Have you ever wondered how many applications are connecting to the Internet from your PC? If you do, there is a windows command called netstat we had talked about sometime back.

If you are not comfortable with using CLI, you can use the graphical interface provided by Moo0 Connection Watcher to monitor your network connections. Connection Watcher monitors any network connections made with TCP/UDP from/to your PC.

Using Moo0 Connection Watcher software, you can discover which software sends/receives information over the Internet with details about the IP address/server name etc.


This software can be particularly useful to monitor and track malwares installed on your system. Moo0 Connection Watcher is free for personal use, and we highly recommend it.

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Download Moo0 Connection Watcher

One thought on “Monitor Network Connections With Moo0 Connection Watcher”

  1. seems like quite a useful piece of software, especially because it provides much more information than the standard free firewall. and it’s also free. :)

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