WatchForFolder Monitors All the Changes Made to A Windows Folder

[Windows only]: The user account control feature in Windows7 alerts users when a program is about to change something in the registry but unfortunately there is no way to determine whether a program is going to modify some folders in your system.

During installation of a program, a folder may be renamed and some files may be deleted or overwritten. If you want to monitor whether a program is changing the contents of some of the important folders of your system, try WatchForFolder

After downloading the package, extract it and run the w4f22.exe file to start monitoring important folders in your system. The program does not require any installation and thus can be used from any removable drive.

Here is how the main interface looks:

First select the folder you want to monitor and then define the changes or events in the “Select the Events to Monitor” section.You can monitor the following changes:

  • Whether new files are created or not.
  • Whether older files are deleted or overwritten.
  • Whether new folders are created or existing folders are deleted or renamed.
  • Whether any new media file has been inserted or older media files are removed.

There is another section named “Select the Action on Events” which allows you to run a program once any of the above actions are performed by Windows. This is useful when you want to get notified when installing new programs changes the content of important folders in your system.

A good idea would be to use an alarm audio file in the “Action on Events” section which will play a sound when any of the defined actions is triggered.

You can configure the program to throw desktop notifications and pop up messages or write the changes in a simple log file as well.

All in all, a simple utility which will be handy if you are a freeware addict and want to monitor changes made to important folders in your system.

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