Monitor Bandwidth Usage for Your Network [Free Application]

Update: We have reviewed a much better bandwidth monitor, which has far more options. You can visit the article,  Monitor your Bandwidth Usage with Bitmeter  to learn more about it.

The last few days have been terrible with regards to access to Internet connections for me and I have been bombarded with dropped connections both at office which uses Road Runner [Time Warner] and at home where I have a wireless setup on a Comcast modem.

I tried Googling to find a proper bandwidth manager but always hit a dead end as the softwares I found were either paid or too crappy to use.

Nevertheless that search ended today when I found a worthwhile software to monitor the bandwidth usage for my computer in a app called Cyber Bandwidth Monitor.


The app is really useful and provides you with real-time download and upload speeds in graphical and numerical formats. In addition to that the software also save logs using which you can see daily, weekly and monthly usage reports.

In addition to the bandwidth monitor it also comes built in with the usual network utilities like ping and trace route.


Key Features

  • Monitor the disk space usage of local and server volumes.
  • Classifies network traffic by IP address, protocol and other parameters.
  • Works with most switches, routers, firewalls, and other network devices.
  • Find out how busy your processor really is.
  • Graphs the performance of reads and writes to all your local hard disks.
  • Displays the amount of time that system has been running.
  • Check and read your email.


If you are looking for a lightweight software for monitoring your bandwidth without paying a penny you should definitely download and try out cyber bandwidth monitor as it is a definitely good software for the price you are paying which is absolutely FREE.

If you use any good softwares to monitor your bandwidth please let me know about it, I am all open to trying out alternatives all the time.

Update:  We periodically monitor links to old software and remove them after complaints. The link to the download has been removed because of malware and other complaints. Please see the comments below for alternatives to monitor your bandwidth or read our review on How To Monitor Your Bandwidth.

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