Missing Attachments PowerToy For Outlook

There may several oops moments in your email sending history, where you send out a email stating that you have attached some files, however in a hurry you completely forget to attach files to the email.

Such moments lead to embarrassments when you receive a reply saying that the attachments were not included in the message.

A free add-in called Missing Attachment PowerToy can save you some embarrassment by alerting you that no files have been attached to the email, before you send out the email.

Missing Attachments PowerToy for Outlook

When the Missing Attachment PowerToy detects outbound email messages containing words which you typically use when including attachments, it will offer you an opportunity to revise the email before Outlook sends it on its way! Works only with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

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You will have to enter your email address where for receiving the link to the download.

Download Missing Attachments PowerToy for Outlook 

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