Miro Video Converter 2.0: Convert to MP4, VP8, Ogg Theora and More

Earlier this week,  the Participatory Culture Foundation launched the second version of the Miro Video Converter. This new version has support for a number of video formats including the latest VP8 video codec (WebM Format), acquired by Google a few days ago.

WebM Project is a  Google-sponsored project dedicated to create an  open and  royalty free video format that provides high quality  video compression for use with  HTML5 video.

It is an  open source project released under a  BSD-style license. It consists of the  VP8 video codec developed by  On2 and the  Vorbis audio codec, in a container format based on a subset of  Matroska.

Miro Video Converter is an open source video conversion utility. It can convert from all popular open-video formats. Apart from that, some other video formats for platforms like the iPhone and Android are also supported.

However, Miro Video Converter is also the first converter to support the VP8 video codec fully and will be extremely successful because of this.

This software has just reached the version 2.0 and is available for Windows and Mac OS X only. You can download it at the product homepage.

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