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Google Docs has recently announced two new features. Primarily, you can share any folder as a whole and secondarily, you can upload and save any file of any type to your Google Docs account. Taking advantage of these two features, Memeo has created a new Google Docs desktop collaboration tool Memeo Connect.

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The three main features of this tool are :

1. Access Or Edit Documents on Multiple Computers

This proves to be a very useful tool if you have to work on multiple computers. Memeo synchronizes all your edits done on Google Docs documents across any number of computers you use. So, if you are half-done editing a document while in office, you can finish the job on the go or when you reach your home computer.


2. Working Offline And Auto Update

This is an extension of the previous feature. i.e if you are half-done editing your documents on your laptop while you are at home and suddenly you get a call for an urgent presentation at office, you could finish the edit on your way there without needing to stay connected to internet. Now when you reach to your office just connect Memeo to the internet and all the offline edits will be auto updated into your online copies stored on Google Docs.


3. Migration

This feature is brought forward to leverage Google’s decision of allowing any kind of file storage on Docs. This makes it easy for collaboration within a team. You can possibly share a PDF file or PowerPoint presentation with your team member without necessarily sending him an email. The sharing is pretty easy because all you need to do is drag-and-drop the file within the Memeo Connect and the file gets uploaded to Google Docs once you are online. Now you can share the file with your team members easily.


Memeo Connect needs a Google Apps Premier Edition and a full license worth $9(per user annually) for proper functioning. It has a trial edition(with full functionality) though, but still you will need the Google Apps Premier Edition for it.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Memeo Connect is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. It is aimed to solve the anomaly between Microsoft’s and Google’s different approach to process documents. Though its a failure as of now, because Google’s poor formatting is unable to comply with that of MS-Office. It also deals with another task of keeping files synchronized across multiple computers. The tool generates a PDF version of all the Google documents for offline viewing, which is also a nice addition to this new tool. This is a nice tool for collaborating, with a reasonable price.

Techie-Buzz Rating : 3.5/5 (Very Good)

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