Quick Media Converter Converts Any Audio or Video Files

Audio Converters and Video converters are definitely a must have software on any computers, since there are tons of formats available and you may have a favorite in which you may want to store all the media files.

In the past we have written about several free tools to help you manage and convert your media files, including audio and video files, which we have clubbed together to create a Ultimate List of Tools to manage your Digital life.

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Just came across another handy freeware called Quick Media Converter that will help you convert audio and video files to any format of your choice. Quick Media Converter can also be termed as a universal media converter, since it supports conversion to and from a large number of formats.


Quick Media Converter Features

  • Convert Video files from one format to another.
  • Convert Audio files from one format to another.
  • Extract and convert Audio files from video or audio media.
  • Extract and convert Video without sound.
  • Preview and/or listen to video and audio files with FFPLAY Multi format player.
  • Support most of the audio and video formats.
  • Supports batch files processing to convert multiple media files.
  • Supports drag and drop of files to the active worksheet.
  • Allows you to capture output from your webcam and convert the output to any format.
  • Features open source screen recorder Camstudio that will help you record your screen activities and share it online.

Download Quick Media Converter

One thought on “Quick Media Converter Converts Any Audio or Video Files”

  1. Unbelievable that there is such great software available for free.

    I read the other post about the other 2 online converters, Zamzar, and You Convert It, I still think Media Converter is #1. :D

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