Kantaris: VLC Based Media Player With A Sleek Interface

We have seen tens of media players come and go but none has won more hearts than good old VLC (Video Lan Client). However, one thing that was always a negative for VLC is the mundane interface. Now you can solve this by using Kantaris instead.

Kantaris is a free and open-source media player that is based on code from VLC and Bass audio library. Kantaris can play almost all multimedia formats without installing any extra codecs. If you have songs inside an rar archive, no need to extract the first. Kantaris can scan the multimedia within the compressed folder and play it automatically.

With beautiful music visualizations, Kantaris has some similarities to the Windows media player. However, what stands out are the added features it has. Kantaris has an integrated feature to play movie trailers from the Apple website and a built-in support for last.fm.

Right now, Kantaris is only available for Windows. Download it here.

3 thoughts on “Kantaris: VLC Based Media Player With A Sleek Interface”

  1. I cannot recommend Kantaris. I’m using a 4 year old laptop with XP. Kantaris is a real lazy dog on this system.

    That tells me that they need to do more tweaking. I’ve tried other hyped up media players such as Boxee and ZeeVee, with absolutely no problems.

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