Download Windows 7 Codec Pack

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Windows Media Player by default does not support many popular codecs and there are many alternatives you could use to get playback support for those codecs in WMP. However in Windows 12, Microsoft has build native support for popular formats such as DivX and MP4.

However there are still some unsupported codecs in WMP 12 on Windows 7, which will result in some videos not playing, to overcome the issue you can download the Codec pack, which will add support for the missing codecs.

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The new Win7codecs which I have created do not change or mess with what Microsoft has going on with native support.This includes the native H264 playback in WMP12 and Media Center. DXVA accelerated H264 playback is provided by the codec package for all other capable non Microsoft players.

Download Windows 7 Codec Pack

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8 thoughts on “Download Windows 7 Codec Pack”

  1. i try to decrease my usage of windows because i try to move to Linux , but still use windows , the codec will solve a big problem which face me when i try to play some extension which not supported , but now i think it will solved . thanks

  2. Hi Keith, thanks for the codec pack. However I loved FFDSHOW with previous versions of WMP to enhance music volume for resize purpose. So is there any way to force WMP12 to use FFDSHOW codecs instead of default ones ?

  3. I still don't understand why they won't install this on brand new computers before they are shipped. Its such a valuable tool , every computer needs this.

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