McAfee Security Scan Plus – Advice That You May Not Want


The scan seemed to take only a few seconds. When it finished, I was encouraged to see that McAfee was not complaining about the Virus protection and Firewall that I was running. I was surprised that I didn’t see any detailed analyses, only quick suggestions were offered, as you can see by their suggestion for Web Protection.


Their last recommendation for me was unexpected, but after some thought, I understand it. Apparently they scanned my Internet Explorer bookmarks and history. They were looking for risky sites. The one they found isn’t actually a security risk, because it’s a website you can’t visit in your web browser. However, it is listed as medium risk by McAfee Site Advisor.


This free Security Scan Plus application didn’t meet my expectations. McAfee’s recommendation for the free SiteAdvisor addon is good. I’ve used it before and I recommend it for people who are new to the net. It provides safety ratings on the pages you visit in your web browser and in the search results at Google, Yahoo and other search engines. The rest of their recommendations seemed very self serving to me.

McAfee does offer a few other free security tools, such as McAfee Stinger. It’s a great stand-alone virus and trojan remover. The only problem with Stinger is that you’ll never find it unless you know already know about it. McAfee does not advertise it and you won’t be able to find it easily by visiting McAfee’s website.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Their suggestions are sound – if you have the money to pay for their solutions. Each recommendation is designed to offer McAfee a good chance to sell you something. This isn’t good free software – it’s a good marketing tool. I was very disappointed, and I only posted this review so that I can save others the trouble of downloading unwanted advertising. I would classify it as Adware.


Techie Buzz Rating: 1/5 (Poor)

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