Manage Your Hosts File With HostsMan [Windows Only]

Quite sometime back we had showed you how to block certain unwanted websites without installing any softwares, the trick involved editing the Windows hosts file. HostsMan is a freeware utility which allows you to easily edit the host files and block unwanted websites with ease.


HostsMan lets you easily enable and disable the hosts file with just a click of a button, in addition you can also merge pre-created hosts file which block several unwanted websites which install spyware and adwares on your system. In addition to that it also includes a handy hosts file editor which will allow you to create or delete entries from the hosts file, without having to change file permissions.


HostsMan Features

  • Automatic update of hosts file
  • Enable/Disable hosts file
  • Built-in hosts editor
  • Scan hosts for errors, duplicates and possible hijacks
  • Hosts file backup manager
  • Exclusion list
  • Local HTTP server


HostsMan is definitely a useful utility since it takes away the hassle of having to manually edit the hosts file every-time you want block or unblock a website.

Download HostsMan for Windows

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