MiniBin Let’s You Manage Windows Recycle Bin From System Tray

Need to quickly empty the Recycle bin and can’t find the Recycle bin icon on Windows desktop ? MiniBin is a freeware utility which lets you manage Windows Recycle bin following a nifty little system tray icon.

Whenever you delete files and folders from Windows, the file or folder is moved to Windows “Recycle bin” folder, so that you can recover the same file at a later point of time. If you are the type of person who deletes a whole bunch of files every single hour and can’t find the “trash” folder among 52 icons on Windows desktop, MiniBin might just save the day.

There aren’t much options though, you can either empty the recycle bin folder by right clicking the system tray icon or choose to open the Recycle Bin folder, as shown below:

The application is useful when you are working with a lot of open applications and hate minimizing each of them, just to find the Recycle Bin icon on desktop, right click it and empty the trash. Then you have to maximize all the minimized applications to their previous state. Keyboard ninjas might make good use of   “Win key +D” but folks who never want to learn any keyboard shortcut will find Mini Bin useful. [via ]

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Techie Buzz Verdict

MiniBin is a portable app, thus will work on any computer from a removable drive without any installation. If you are a coder and always delete a lot of codes only to restore them at a later point of time, get MiniBin today. Useful !

Techie Buzz rating: 3 (Good).

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