Manage Windows Processes With ProcessLasso [Free Giveaway For Today]

With dozens of Windows processes running in the background your systems performance can suffer significantly giving you downtime or even freezing your machine. You can of course manage these processes manually if you have that kind of time, but if you don’t, ProcessLasso is a great tool to do that.

ProcessLasso automatically adjusts the priorities of your programs so your system is able to smartly manage the resources and not hinder the performance. It does by lowering the priority of background processes that might be making your computer slow. Plus, there are tons of manual configurations and settings users can do to better manage the processes and resources.

Process Lasso

ProcessLasso which usually costs $25 is being giving away for free today at GiveAwayOfTheDay. It works for almost all versions of Windows including Windows 7 and is very useful tool if you often have problems with downtime or computer unresponsiveness. Supports both 32 and 64-bit builds.

Download ProcessLasso from here

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