MalAware 1.0 Scans for Trojan/Virus/Spyware in 60 Seconds


Emsi Software, maker of popular PC protection applications such as a-squared Anti-Malware, recently announced the release of MalAware 1.0. It’s a very small application which scans the most frequently targeted areas of a PC for malware infections (virus/trojan/spyware).

Emsi claims that their objective was to create a very small and very fast scanner. In my opinion, they’ve succeeded. It’s a single 1mb executable file and no installation is needed, making it completely portable. It may not scan your PC in under a minute but I doubt if it takes two minutes from what I’ve seen so far.

On the down side, this tiny app is not a replacement for full malware protection. If it does detect a problem, it only recommends that you download their larger security apps. Keep in mind that they do offer great full service applications such as a-squared Free 4.5, which has just been updated recently.

Here’s a sceenshot of MalAware in action:


I was impressed with the speed of the scan and I’ve set up MalAware to scan my PC once a month using a Windows Scheduled Task.

Download MalAware 1.0

You may also want to try the free fullversion:

Download a-squared Free 4.5

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Great for a quick scan. It’s also portable so you can carry it with you on a USB flash stick. This app is best used in addition to other more permanent anti-malware protection.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

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