Make Instant Player Creates Watchable Executables From Video Files

The most common problem you may face while sending videos to your friends and family is Hey, I cannot view the video you sent me, it asks me to download a codec which I cannot find anywhere. My mom definitely has told me this more than once (not the codecs part :-) ), after which I started to upload videos to YouTube and directly send her a link.

The problem arises because video files come in various formats and tons of times a person may not have a software installed on the PC to watch the given format. Make Instant Player tries to solve the problem by converting the videos to executables which anyone can easily watch, without having to install any additional softwares.

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The software uses MPlayer engine for playback support, which in turn supports any video format in existence. So it leaves out a headache when you use high definition codecs to encode video files and send it to your friends and family, who in turn rely on players without support for those codecs.


Once you have created the executable, upload it to a file sharing server and share the link with your friends and family. As far as possible avoid using email services, since most of them block exe files. Make Instant Player is open source and completely free to use, so start saving yourself some hassle while sharing videos.

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Download Make Instant Player [via Make Instant Player]

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